QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0464

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Chapter 464: The Second Most Important Figure

“Hu er, don’t cry. We were just joking about punishing you. You’re not allowed to cry anymore, if you keep crying, we’ll kiss you.” These words jumped out of Huo Qing’s mouth before he even had a chance to think about it and he froze. He couldn’t bring himself to look at the little fox’s eyes.

The little fox once again sighed at her fate. Why was she a fox? There was such a handsome lady-killer in front of her, but she couldn’t eat him aaah. It was seriously soul-crushing.

The little fox then licked Huo Qing’s lips, then intimately licked his cheek. Since you doted on this big sis so much, this big sis will give you a kiss.

This lick caused Huo Qing’s entire body to heat up like he was soaking in boiling water. He was very uncomfortable since his lower half was reacting.

“Little thing, how can you be so mischievous.” Huo Qing’s voice was a little hoarse as he placed the little fox on the bed. “We need to read the memorials now. You stay here and be good.”

The little fox plopped down on the bed in boredom, then rolled around. Huo Qing looked as if he was seriously reading the memorials, but the cinnabar brush in his hand didn’t lower at all. He was gripping the brush so hard that the veins on the back of his hand were popping out.

It seemed that it was very painful to endure. His eyes were unfocused as he stared at the memorial. All that was going through his head was the little fox’s cute appearance and the electrifying sensation when she licked his lips.

He was about to go crazy. He was really about to go crazy.

Outside the palace, the little eunuch had been pressed down on the wooden bench by the guards. He cried to his teacher, Eunuch Qiu, “Master, this servant didn’t do anything wrong though?”

“Blind idiot! Can’t you tell that His Majesty is currently the strongest in the palace and that fox is the second most important figure? Even Her Imperial Highness the empress can’t compare to this fox. Whatever you encounter in the future, just look on silently and ignore it.” Eunuch Qiu was a little frustrated with the little eunuch’s ignorance.

The little eunuch cried, “Master, it’s just an animal though!”

“Hurry up and shut your mouth! Do you feel like you’ve lived too long and want to actively seek death?” Eunuch Qiu hit the little eunuch’s head with his horsetail whisk, then said to the guards, “Start.”

The guard lifted the wooden paddle then swung it down on the little eunuch’s butt, causing the little eunuch to scream. However, the guards showed respect for Eunuch Qiu and went a little lighter than usual.

By the time the twenty hits ended, the little eunuch had already passed out. Eunuch Qiu sighed then hastily went to find a doctor. For better or for worse, this was his apprentice and was someone that would help and look out for him in the future.

Ning Shu was currently watching Huo Chengwang and Xiao Qingyan write. Qing Zhu walked into the palace and whispered to Ning Shu, “Your Imperial Highness, Xiao Anzi who serves His Majesty had gotten beaten today.”

Ning Shu lifted her brows and said to the kids, “Continue writing, don’t slack off. Imperial Mother will be coming to check.”

When they got back to the main palace, Ning Shu asked, “Did you figure out why?”

Qing Zhu shook her head. “This servant only heard that it was His Majesty’s direct order. This servant will go find out.”

Ning Shu said mildly, “It’s fine, there’s no need to mind this matter. Just send some medicine to Xiao Anzi.”

“Understood.” After Qing Zhu left, Ning Shu started tapping her fingers on the table softy and rhythmically.

It was very likely that this incident was related to that little fox. Huo Qing’s way of doting on the little fox was completely built on the suffering of others. The crueler he was to others, the more it made Huo Qing’s affection for the little fox seem special.

He adored her to no end. It felt like the little fox could practically take over the world.

Ning Shu suddenly smiled. Wasn’t the meaning of true love to stand together even if the entire world was against them? She wondered if the little fox would stay with Huo Qing if the entire world was against Huo Qing?

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