QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0578

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Chapter 578: Mai Duoer

Ning Shu didn’t know how long she had slept, but by the time she woke up again, she felt completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

It was decided! From now on, she was going to rest properly after every task and make sure her mood improved and settled before she started on the next task. If she didn’t learn to relax properly, she would end up falling apart from stress sooner or later.

In addition, 2333 said that she was just a low level task-taker who was still in a precarious situation of disappearing entirely if she died in the middle of a task, so she had to work hard for the sake of her own survival as well.

“2333, let’s start the task,” said Ning Shu.

“Ding, Player, please pay attention, entering the task world.” Right after 2333 said that, Ning Shu felt a bout of dizziness.

Once her soul merged with the body, she sensed that her entire body felt uncomfortable. Her body felt very heavy and weak, she felt dizzy, and her throat was swollen and painful.

She struggled to open her eyelids that felt glued together and found that she was currently on a bed. On the bedside shelf, there were some medicine.

The original host was probably down with a severe cold. Ning Shu picked up the medicine and read the instructions, then washed down the pill with some cold water.

After taking medicine, she pulled the blankets over her head again to pass out. She didn’t want to think about anything right now. She felt so dizzy that just moving a little made her feel like puking. It was seriously awful.

By the time she woke up again, it was already dark outside and her body was covered with sweat. After taking the medicine, her body didn’t feel as heavy anymore, so she went to the bathroom and showered before taking another pill and lying down to receive the storyline.

The original host’s name was Chen Xi. She was a talent manager at Waves Media Company and managed several talents. The talents were all newly recruited by the company. She had about one or two talents that were slowly making a name for themselves but most were newcomers.

The job of a talent manager was extremely stressful. Not only did she have to earn money for the company to increase her achievements, she had to worry about a lot more things. The big issues were things like planning the futures of the talents she was managing and she also had to handle the small issues well the talent’s accessories matched her outfit during a public appearance. Not only that, she had to mediate fights between the talents that she was managing.

It was seriously the most tedious and irritating work ever.

One of the talents Chen Xi managed was a girl named Mai Douer who was a newcomer. She had very innocent and pure looks. Chen Xi felt that if this girl was able to maintain this pure aura, she would probably be able to make a name for herself in the entertainment circles.

To promote her, Chen Xi took Mai Douer to some dinner parties. The people that attended these dinner parties were all big shots in the entertainment world and there were plenty of renown directors and writers. If Mai Douer could make some connections here, it’d come in very useful in the future.

Although the entertainment circles looked radiant on the surface, in reality there was some darkness. Those who wanted to become famous not only had to have ability, they also had to encounter good opportunities and have people that are willing to promote them.

That day, Chen Xi had taken two of the girls she was managing to this dinner party. Aside from Mai Douer, there was also a girl called Qiao Yi. Qiao Yi was also a very outstanding newcomer.

Mai Douer detested these kinds of gatherings and was always causing trouble. If a man wanted to crop a little feel, Mai Douer would have an excessively large reaction and ruin the entire atmosphere of the place.

Chen Xi always had to step out to fix things. The reason why Chen Xi had such a severe cold right now was because Mai Douer had offended Mo Entertainment Group’s chairman, Mo Juefeng, at the dinner party yesterday.

The reason was because Mai Douer had spilled her wine on the male lead, Mo Juefeng, so Chen Xi pulled Mai Douer over to Mo Juefeng’s car in the rain to apologize.

Mai Douer very unwillingly apologized to Mo Juefeng. Although Mai Douer apologized, Chen Xi started feeling that Mai Douer wasn’t suited for the entertainment circles. With EQ like this, she was complete cannon fodder in the entertainment circles.

Meanwhile, Mai Douer felt that she was very capable and would definitely be able to become a qualified actress as long as she was willing to work hard. She was confident that she would be able to become a film queen. When Mai Douer entered the entertainment circles, she set a goal for herself and that goal was to become the film queen.

Mai Douer was very unhappy with Chen Xi for bringing her to these kinds of dinner parties. She was here to act, not to have dinner and drink with people. Furthermore, these men were all very disgusting.

Having just entered the entertainments circles, Mai Douer was aloof with a passion. She felt that she could succeed without having to rely on these side doors and connections.

Due to this, Chen Xi rarely took Mai Douer along to these dinner parties anymore. However, she still had to guarantee a level of fairness, so she would bring Mai Douer to a party every once in a while. However, at one party, Mai Douer ended up getting involved with Mo Entertainment Group’s chairman, Mo Juefeng.

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