QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0407

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Chapter 407: Longevity Fruit

Ning Shu was very excited. This was filled with soul energy? If she could absorb the soul energy, her soul would become even stronger and it’d be fine even if she needed to stay in a world longer due to a troublesome task.

“You couldn’t be thinking of absorbing the soul energy in the soul pearl, right?” said 2333 in a ridiculing tone. “That’s practically like seeking death. This soul pearl only absorbs souls. It can absorb any soul, that’s why it’s called the ender of souls. You’re actually thinking about trying to absorb this kind of thing? No one can absorb this kind of thing. If you were in your soul form, you would’ve been already absorbed by this thing and would’ve disappeared from the world.”

“This is a strong weapon to use against souls. Anything that’s a spiritual body is afraid of this.” 2333 warned again, “Don’t try anything stupid. Once you return to the space, I’ll store it for you. In the space, you’re in your spiritual form, so you’d end up being absorbed by the pearl.”

Ning Shu: …

And she almost thought it was some sort of precious treasure, so it turned out to be a one way storage. She finally understood why that ghost ran away. So it turned out that it was scared of this thing.

Ning Shu put the pearl away, then took out the paper the shaman had given her. This herb was very unique. It only had two leaves, but it produced a fruit that looked like a fetus.

She had seen this thing in the godly doctor’s book before. It was called longevity fruit and was said to have the effect of extending one’s life. She thought it was made up, but now the shaman was actually sending her to get it.

The shaman probably wanted to extend her life. However, who would’ve thought that such a precious thing would exist in this world? It was no wonder she was willing to trade the soul pearl for it.

“This fruit isn’t that precious in higher level planes, but the soul pearl is still really precious. Some planes never even form such pearls, so this exchange is super worth it,” said 2333.

Upon hearing this, Ning Shu decided to go look for the fruit. It grew on a steep precipice and usually had a fierce animal protecting it.

If she had been a weak girl, she might really die, but fortunately, she had practiced the Unsurpassable Martial Arts so her strength and sensitivity had increased. If she gave it a go, she could probably succeed.

After all, she couldn’t very well swindle this pearl from the shaman. There was the fact that the shaman had mysterious abilities and if she ever took the pearl back, Zhuang Yutong would be done for.

So early the next morning, Ning Shu had breakfast with her parents, then headed with a rope into the mountains behind the village. When Father Zhuang saw that Ning Shu was holding a length of rope and an axe, he asked her where she was going. Ning Shu said that she was going to collect some wild mushrooms to bring back to the school for the teachers.

Upon hearing this, Father Zhuang just told her to be careful.

Ning Shu headed into the mountains following the map on the paper. The further in she walked, the thicker the blanket of leaves on the ground became and there were a lot of animal feces.

The tree trunks were also very thick, showing their age.

The forest was very verdant and lush. As the sunlight shone down through the tree leaves, it created mottled patterns on the ground.

Finally, she reached the place, which was a steep cliff. She had to go down using the rope to where the longevity fruit was growing to collect it.

She glanced down the cliff and immediately felt her head spin. Fudge, she was scared of heights!

#comment: This translator is too! Just imagining it while typing makes my palms tingle.

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