QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0472

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Chapter 472: The Fox Came to Join

The singing of the opera soon faded into the background for Ning Shu as she started thinking about things. From time to time, she glanced over to scrutinize Huo Chengwang who was watching the opera in high spirits.

While the consorts and concubines were watching happily on this side, on the side of the imperial study, Huo Qing was currently reading through memorials. The little fox was sitting listlessly on the table and pushing away the memorials. When she heard all the lively percussion music coming from outside, she became even more annoyed with this boring study.

Huo Qing put down his cinnabar brush. When he saw how interested the little fox seemed to be in what was going on outside, he stroked her head and asked, “You want to go watch too?”

The little fox hastily nodded and looked towards Huo Qing with longing while blinking her eyes cutely so that Huo Qing would take her.

“Isn’t it just an opera? We’ll take you.” Huo Qing’s entire body heated up when the little fox looked at him this way. He hastily picked up the little fox, worried that he’d lose control if she kept looking at him this way.

Now just a glance from her would make him lose control. It was seriously torture.

Huo Qing’s eyes darkened as he glanced down at the little fox who was looking around curiously. Was there a way to change a fox into a human?

“His Majesty has arrived!” An eunuch’s shrill voice rang out.

No one had expected for Huo Qing to suddenly come. It was a pleasant surprise to all the consorts and concubines present.

Huo Qing’s arrival caused a flurry of movements as the consorts and concubines hastily smoothed out their clothes and reached up to fix their hairpins. They wanted to greet Huo Qing in their best state.

Ning Shu was curious why Huo Qing had suddenly come to the inner palace, but when she saw the golden fox in Huo Qing’s arms, she immediately had a bad premonition. She seriously didn’t want to be in the same frame as the female lead. Whenever the female lead appeared, bad things would happen.

“This subject wife pays her respects to Your Majesty.” Ning Shu curtsied towards Huo Qing.

“This subject consort pays her respects to Your Majesty.” The consorts and concubines also curtsied as well.

“This subject son greets Imperial Father.” Huo Chengwang formally bowed to Huo Qing.

Huo Qing sized Huo Chengwang up and said, “Since you’ve recovered, don’t run around anymore.”

“Yes, this subject son will remember.” Huo Chengwang answered obediently. However, when he saw the little fox in Huo Qing’s arms, he bit his lips and shifted his gaze away.

The little fox was being carried protectively by Huo Qing. When she saw all the beautiful consorts and concubines, she felt really uncomfortable. And when she recalled that they were all Huo Qing’s women, the little fox started cursing Huo Qing for being nothing but a stud horse. She was starting to regret coming here to see the liveliness.

The little fox glowered and bared her teeth at these consorts and concubines while barking at them.

Huo Qing sat down on the chair and said indifferently, “Continue watching the opera, no need to mind us.”

Ning Shu sat down next to Huo Qing and the little fox immediately turned to snarl at Ning Shu with contempt in her eyes.

Ning Shu just glanced at the fox mildly. Hell, she’ll skin her and use her as a scarf one day.

The little fox’s fur stood up on end when she saw Ning Shu’s look. As expected, she was a malicious woman! Even though she acted warm and considerate, she was completely fake. The little fox felt sympathy for Huo Qing. All the women in this palace were just aiming for wealth and glory. Which of them truly loved Huo Qing?

The opera continued, but now all of the consorts and concubines were focused on Huo Qing.

Huo Qing didn’t say anything and just stroked the little fox’s golden fur. He clearly didn’t want to pay anything to anyone, but it didn’t curb the consorts and concubines’ enthusiasm. They did all they could to come up with topics.

“Your Majesty, this fox is so pretty.” A consort dressed in pink said this sweetly with a dimpled smile. Ning Shu looked over. It was just a beautiful lady. She hadn’t really received any imperial favor, so she had probably decided to take a gamble.

Humph, what an ugly smile. The little fox was angry and gently scratched Huo Qing’s palm with her claws. Not allowed to look! What was good-looking about that woman?

“This subject consort has a lot of fur clothing, but there’s none as pretty as it,” continued Beautiful Lady Lin.

Ning Shu wanted to cover her face as she inwardly sighed. Her attempt at patting the horse’s butt ended up hitting the horse’s leg.

#comment: If you guys haven’t come upon this saying yet, in Chinese, patting the horse’s butt = flattery.

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