QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0504

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Chapter 504: Huo Chengwang Ascended to the Throne

After Huo Qing and the little fox were sent out of the palace, they settled down in a large residence. A lot of people were sent there to guard the place. Huo Qing had become the emeritus emperor, so no one tried to stop his romance with the little fox anymore.

>Emeritus emperor is the term I came up with as translation for basically an emperor that had abdicated/retired. Usually, emperors are emperor’s for life and leave the post only when they die.<

As Huo Qing’s only son, Huo Chengwang ascended to the throne.

Since Huo Qing had left the palace, Huo Chengwang would ascend to the throne in three days.

The imperial palace was currently extremely busy and traditional Chinese music filled the air.

Ning Shu was dressed in gold and silver palace garments embroidered with luans and phoenixes with a phoenix crown in her hair as she held Huo Chengwang’s hand. Huo Chengwang was dressed in the dragon robe with the twelve pearl curtain crown of the Son of Heaven on his head. As countless officials kneeled reverently, they walked slowly towards the gold dragon throne.

Huo Chengwang’s lips were pressed tightly together as he took each step steadily. He looked very solemn.

Ning Shu had made her lips intensely red and lined her eyes so that the ends lifted upward to give herself a stern and strong appearance. Her every step was filled with dignity and force.

Huo Chengwang sat down on the dragon throne. His legs weren’t even able to touch the ground, but he sat up very straight and gave off a very dignified manner.

Ning Shu sat down on the chair nearby and gave Huo Chengwang an encouraging look.

“Your Majesty, may you live for ten thousand years!” The officials kowtowed as this chant resounded.

Huo Chengwang’s voice was a little immature and even trembled slightly as he said loudly, “Dear ministers, please rise.”

Ning Shu watched Huo Chengwang from the side and felt very happy. At the very least, he hadn’t become a useless prince that only indulged in fun like in the original storyline.

Perhaps Huo Chengwang would be able to become a good emperor. People in high positions, even if they had power, couldn’t afford to be too willful.

Huo Chengwang conferred the imperial tutor the position of head of cabinet. Marshall Xiao handed over his military power. Huo Chengwang took the military tally and as compensation, gave Marshal Xiao the title of duke so that his descendents would be able to inherit titles of nobility.

Henceforth, the old imperial tutor’s family and Marshal Xiao’s family were the largest influences in court. Since Huo Chengwang now possessed control over the military, it formed a stable, triangular system of checks and balances.

The distant ringing of the bell could be heard in the entire capital. Huo Qing was standing in the courtyard and looking in the direction of the imperial palace. The little fox was leaning into his arms. As she looked up at him, she asked, “Are you regretting the fact that you gave up the throne?”

Huo Qing leaned over and kissed the little fox’s forehead. “We… I’ve told you before. You’re the one most important to me.”

“Huo Qing, it’s truly my greatest fortune to be able to meet you.” The little fox hugged Huo Qing’s neck and went on tiptoes to kiss him.

Huo Qing hugged the little fox tightly. He didn’t have anything left. All he had was the little fox. From now on, she was all that was in his life.

He kissed the little fox passionately, trying not to regret.

After a long chain of complicated ceremonies, they were finally done with the entire process of having Huo Chengwang ascend to the throne. By the time it was over, Ning Shu was exhausted from keeping Huo Chengwang company.

Huo Chengwang’s entire face was pale, so she had someone quickly prepare hot water for washing up.

After they washed up, Huo Chengwang stared blankly at Ning Shu and asked disbelievingly, “Imperial Mother, this subject son has become the emperor?”

Ning Shu took in his blank expression and laughed. “That’s right, you’re now the emperor. You have to address yourself with the royal we now, got it?”

“Imperial Mother, from now on, this son will protect Imperial Mother and will never let Imperial Mother be hurt again.” Huo Chengwang hugged Ning Shu as he vowed this. Ning Shu patted his back. When she sensed that he was crying, she immediately said, “Don’t cry. Chengwang, no one will ever be able to hurt you anymore. With Chengwang protecting Imperial Mother, no one will dare to bully Imperial Mother.”

Huo Chengwang wiped at his tears and said, “But Imperial Father, he…”

“Don’t mind your imperial father, he’s no longer the master of this nation. He abandoned it himself,” said Ning Shu mildly. “As long as Imperial Mother is here, no one will hurt you. Not even your imperial father is allowed to.”

“It should be this son protecting Imperial Mother now. This son hopes that Imperial Mother won’t be hurt because of Imperial Father.”

She wasn’t hurt at all. Really.

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