QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0592

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Chapter 592: And Time to Take Xia Yu to His Audition

When Mai Douer got back to her apartment, she showered and got into bed to sleep. She pulled the blankets over her head like she didn’t want to see anyone.

Ning Shu said to Qiao Yi, “Look after Mai Douer a little. She got injured while filming today.”

Right after Ning Shu said that, Mai Douer shouted angrily, “I’m not injured. I don’t need to be looked after!”

Mai Douer was clearly angry with Ning Shu for revealing this to Qiao Yi. She didn’t want Qiao Yi to know how wretched her situation was since she found it embarrassing. Furthermore, she and Qiao Yi were competitors that were fighting over the resources their manager held.

Ning Shu paid no attention to Mai Douer and just told Qiao Yi to look after Mai Douer and call her if anything happens.

After leaving the apartment, she hastily drove over to pick up Xia Yu and bring him to the audition for that sports shoes commercial.

There seriously wasn’t even a minute to rest. After sending Xia Yu to the audition location, she gave him a couple words of encouragement, then waited outside.

She felt like she had waited for a long time before Xia Yu finally came out again. He was expressionless, so Ning Shu thought that he had failed.

Once Xia Yu got onto the car, he suddenly smiled excitedly towards Ning Shu and exclaimed, “Big Sis Chen, I’m going to be filming a commercial! I’m going to film a commercial!”

Xia Yu was very excited and he hammered his chest with his fists proudly like an orangutan. Ning Shu smiled as well. This was probably Xia Yu’s biggest breakthrough. Once he’s filmed a commercial, his reputation would increase a lot.

Ning Shu told him to spend some free time preparing for the commercial and make sure that he was in his best state as he headed to the filming. She didn’t know how these things worked very well, so she just told Xia Yu to mull over it on his own. From the start, these were things that the talents were supposed to work on.

As the manager, her job was just to look after these talents well and help the talents gain more resources from the company.

Xia Yu was excited the entire way back, but during the drive, Ning Shu got a phone call from Qiao Yi. She said that Mai Douer had left the apartment. Since she hadn’t been able to stop Mai Douer, she had immediately called Ning Shu.

And Mai Douer hadn’t said where she was going.

Ning Shu closed the call and immediately called Mai Douer, but it said that Mai Douer’s phone was off.

She started having a bad feeling. There was an unnatural attraction force between the male and female leads. During this time, even if Mai Douer had only gone out for a simple stroll, she’d still have a high chance of bumping into Mo Juefeng.

When Ning Shu got back to the apartment, she asked Qiao Yi, “What exactly happened?”

“Mai Douer was originally sleeping, but she suddenly got up and grabbed her bag to head out. I asked her where she was going but she ignored me and I couldn’t very well force her to stay.” Qiao Yi frowned, then said, “Big Sis Chen, why does Mai Douer feel off lately?”

In the past Mai Douer had been aloof, but she still wouldn’t talk with such a bitter tone like she did now. It was baffling.

Ning Shu didn’t answer and had Qiao Yi search with her around the apartment complex. They couldn’t reach Mai Douer’s cell and couldn’t find her anywhere nearby, so they finally headed back to the apartment only to find that Mai Douer was sitting on the sofa with her hands propping up her chin as she daydreamed.

Ning Shu was very irritated to see Mai Douer like this. Was she completely unaware of how much trouble her actions had caused for other people?

“Where did you go? Why couldn’t we reach you on the phone?” asked Ning Shu coldly.

When Mai Douer saw Ning Shu looking at her sternly and saw that Qiao Yi was standing next to Ning Shu, she became very upset. She really wanted to get a different manager. This manager was so biased!

“I was just taking a walk since the apartment was too stuffy. Can it be that I can’t even go outside? It’s not like I’m a criminal.” Mai Douer’s voice contained a bit of indignance.

Ning Shu said, “I never said that you couldn’t go outside, but you should tell me where you’re going. You’re one of the talents I’m managing, so I’m responsible for your safety. It’s stated clearly on the contract that you signed that talents must always maintain communications and inform their manager of their current status.”

Mai Douer scratched at her hair in irritation. “I just wanted to take a walk and didn’t want to notify anyone. How is it that severe? It’s not like I’m your prisoner.”

Mai Douer stood up to head towards her room, but she limped as she walked.

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