QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0560

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Chapter 560: The Ordinance Sea

A spatial blade flew towards Ning Shu’s face without a sound. Ning Shu tilted her head to dodge, but a chunk of hair was still cut. Since she was currently in her spiritual form, every part of her body was made of soul energy and the damage to her hair caused her soul to weaken slightly.

After this, she became even more careful and walked very slowly. Not only did she have to pay attention to the spatial blades, she had to be careful around the parts where the space had caved in. If she fell into one of those spots, her soul would instantly be crushed to dust.

“In front at the ten and two o’clock directions, there’s several spatial blades. Be careful and dodge them.” 2333 activated a scan, but he wasn’t able to scan very far since he needed to conserve energy. If he ran out of energy, neither of them would be able to make it back.

Ning Shu dodged the blades. Even with 2333’s warning, she still wasn’t able to dodge an area filled with spatial blades. Every time she was hit by one, her soul would weaken a lot.

Her spiritual body was now extremely flimsy. She was really worried that she wouldn’t be able to hold on until she made it there.

All she could do was silently encourage herself.

She squeezed the plane a little as she asked 2333, “How much farther is it?” She felt like she had already walked very far.

“We’re not even halfway there. I told you from the start that you had to consider this carefully,” said 2333.

Ning Shu: …

“But I feel like I’ve walked really far.” Ning Shu was a little skeptical.

“That’s your misperception. You’ve barely walked anywhere.”

Fine. Ning Shu dodged another blade that was coming towards her. 2333 suddenly cried, “Don’t walk towards the left! There’s a cave-in there!”

But if she shifted right, she’d be hit by the blade! Ning Shu pressed her lips together tightly as she chose to face the spatial blade.

As the blade passed through her body, she groaned softly in pain. It felt like her soul was about to be torn apart. Her soul instantly turned much flimsier. When she looked towards her hand, she saw it was almost transparent.

Was she really going to die here?

The plane Ning Shu was holding seemed to sense that she was in a tight spot since it slowly transferred its energy to Ning Shu. With the energy from the plane, Ning Shu’s soul grew stronger.

Her soul energy didn’t instantly disperse anymore when the spatial blades hit her.

She looked towards the small plane. Suddenly, she felt very happy. Sometimes, you got in return exactly what you gave. Some things could be done, but some things could not be done. Even when working on tasks, some principles still had to be maintained.

Since her soul had gotten stronger, she was able to walk a little faster.

She walked in the vast white space for a long time. She focused completely on dodging the spatial blades, so after some time, she became nimble at it and was rarely hit anymore.

“We’re here.” 2333 sounded like he was sighing in relief. He obviously hadn’t expected for them to actually make it either.

They were here?

Ning Shu looked around. This place was enormous. She didn’t know how to describe it, it was somehow like a sea. She felt like an ant being compared to a planet here.

This place was filled with chaotic rules. Some immature planes were bobbing up and down in the ordinance sea and the border of nurturement ordinance was linked to countless planes. These planes fit against each other snugly.

Although it was said that there existed three thousand worlds, there were countless planes and worlds here.

Some planes were very complete and filled with life. Others were riddled with holes and so dim they barely had light.

“Those are the planes that are about to perish,” said 2333. “It’s your guys’ jobs to prevent the planes from becoming like this.”

“Although every world has children of fortune, even a thousand mile dike can be destroyed with enough ants nibbling at it. Every lifeform can damage the plane. The resentment of those cannon fodder can also cause the world’s laws to fall apart. If a plane has too many resentful existences, its laws will collapse.”

Ning Shu sighed. The world’s laws give birth to life and was a mother-like existence to life, but the created life actually harmed their own mother.

She placed the plane she was holding into the ordinance sea. The ordinance sea still had a lot of newly formed planes in it and these planes would eventually give birth to countless forms of life.

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