QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0574

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Chapter 574: Complete Chaos

Blood Refinement School was backing Xie Yu up and supporting him in attacking the sects, then it took over all the territories that Xie Yu had defeated, so there was huge turmoil.

When Old Man Wei heard what Ning Shu said, his brows furrowed tightly and he immediately went to discuss this matter with the other higher ranking elders in the sect.

Xie Yu was crushing everything in his path like a bulldozer. A lot of small sects were subdued by Xie Yu since if they refused to pledge allegiance to him, he would exterminate them.

Blood Refinement School’s strength increased so substantially that the other powers started uniting in order to face this threat.

Ning Shu felt like Xie Yu was on the path of uniting the country to become the master of this plane.

As she continued training, she kept an ear out for news about Xie Yu. As of now, Xie Yu had already been labeled as a demonic cultivator and a homicidal maniac by the sects.

Xie Yu actually turned out to not be of the orthodox path?

As war waged between Blood Refinement School and the other sects, Ning Shu suddenly felt that Xie Yu had ended up being used by Liu Yuanyuan. Blood Refinement School was making use of Xie Yu to become stronger. However, Xie Yu probably wasn’t that dumb either, so they were probably mutually making use of each other.

It was just sad for the little tigress. Her own man was now going to fight her dad.

For some reason, the fighting only grew more intense. A lot of people died and the two sides only became more vicious with taking each other’s lives. It seemed like the conflict would never end.

Even Heavenly Law Sect’s strongest experts were spurred to action so battles broke out everywhere.

Ning Shu was completely dumbfounded. How did things end up like this? The two sides could totally just sit down together and talk things out calmly.

“Most of the time, completely unpredictable large-scale wars are generally the result of the world’s laws destroying the previous laws to establish a new set of laws to govern the world’s development. Perhaps the heavenly law sensed a threat from something and decided to overthrow the previous laws. This is one of the ways heavenly laws protect themselves,” said 2333.

Ning Shu: …

It was just like after building a house, deciding, no, not good enough, so shove it over to start again. It sounded so cruel. A lot of people would die in that process. The heaven and earth has no emotions, so all living things mattered no more than grass. However, by sacrificing these lives, the innumerable other living creatures in this plane would be guaranteed safety.

So it was exchanging a small sacrifice for the sake of numerous more living things.

“Um, was that because of me? The world’s laws took me to be a virus and is trying to exterminate me?” asked Ning Shu, feeling a little guilty.

“You? Just based on your abilities? You seriously think too highly of yourself.” 2333’s voice was filled with disdain. “You barely have any luck on you. You’re someone that even the Heavens have abandoned, so there’s no way they’d notice you. It’s just that some people with a lot of fortune have done things exceeding the limit of what the world tolerates and have harmed the plane, which is why the law’s using this chaos to either fix things, or just completely shove everything over to start anew.”

Ning Shu had conflicted feelings when she heard that it wasn’t due to her. She had been feeling all guilty about it, but it turned out that she was too insignificant to even matter.

Her face felt hot.

Her awkwardness cancer was completely flaring up.

“Task complete. Leaving task world,” said 2333.

Ning Shu was surprised. “This counts as completing the task? Both sides are still fighting so intensely.”

“The heavenly law is currently establishing a new set of laws, so it’s impossible to predict anyone’s fate at this time. From now on, Wei Liangyue’s fate would have to depend on him. You’ve already helped him get free from his original fate and you’ve already been in this plane for a very long time. If you stay any longer, your soul won’t be able to hold up,” replied 2333 indifferently.

Ning Shu nodded. “Then let’s leave this world.”

Right after she said that, she felt a loud drone in her head and when she opened her eyes again, she was back in the system space.

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