QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0511

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Chapter 511: Cultivation World’s Hedonistic Son

Ning Shu slowly got up from the ground after eating the pill and looked towards the woman with the veil. This woman had really been ruthless. She hadn’t even had the strength to move, but this woman had been about to keep attacking.

The middle-aged man standing in front of Ning Shu also looked displeased. He glanced at Shi Huidi, then turned towards Ning Shu and gave a disappointed cold humph.

Ning Shu was baffled and could only lower her head. Her entire body seriously hurt and she had just suffered a psychological blow.

How did she end up becoming a man? A man’s body and a woman’s soul… Did that make her a transvestite!?

“Iridescent Sect versus Heavenly Law Sect, Iridescent Sect’s Shi Huidi wins!” shouted the referee.

Ning Shu looked around. This was probably a sect disciples competition and she had just been defeated by Shi Huidi. When she saw this woman, her heart stirred restlessly. This wasn’t Ning Shu’s feelings, it was the body’s reaction.

When the middle-aged man saw that Ning Shu still looked very weak, he took out another pill and stuffed it into Ning Shu’s mouth. “Head back to your room and nurse your injuries. If you don’t train properly in the future, more embarrassing incidents like this will occur.”

“Yes,” replied Ning Shu. She had no idea where her room was, so she decided to just press on her chest and lie down right where she was.

“Hahahahaha….” The crowd roared with laughter again. The middle-aged man swept his cold gaze towards them and the crowd quieted down somewhat. Then he had someone carry Ning Shu down.

Once Ning Shu was carried back to her room, as she lay on the bed, she inwardly shouted at 2333, “How did I end up a man!?”

“…Sorry, I messed up with the coordinates. You know that I used up a lot of energy to save you last time.” 2333’s voice sounded remorseful.

Ning Shu: … Suddenly she felt really helpless.

“However, this man is also a counter attacker. Since you’ve transmigrated into his body, just help him with his tasks ,” said 2333 weakly. “I’m going to go. I’m out of energy.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu was extremely conflicted. She had already gotten used to peeing while squatting, and now she had to dig something out to pee? She felt like she couldn’t do it.

In this indignant, sorrowful, yet helpless mood, she started receiving the storyline.

This was a cultivation world where the strong were respected and the weak were treated like dogs. The original host’s name was Wei Liangyue. People addressed him as Sir Liangyue because his dad was an elder of Heavenly Law Sect.

He was rich kid of an orthodox sect and had plenty of resources to further his cultivation. Since he had a strong dad, the original host was able to have his way in Heavenly Law Sect and even when he went out, people wouldn’t make things hard for him because they respected his dad.

The original host didn’t like to train and was fond of having sex, so he became infamous for being licentious.

The original host had a fiancée, which was the person on the stage with him earlier, Shi Huidi. The original host, of course, liked this fiancée a lot. Shi Huidi was like a goddess in mortal form. Even though the original host had slept with countless women, in his heart, the only one he liked was Shi Huidi.

However, the original host was a useless man that lived relying on his father’s protection and he was also a lustful guy that had slept with a lot of women. Naturally Shi Huidi loathed this fiancé of hers and had wanted to kill him several times.

This engagement was decided on by Iridescent Sect and Heavenly Law Sect, so Shi Huidi didn’t have the right to get involved in this choice. However, she wasn’t willing to marry a man like this.

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