QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0412

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Chapter 412: Bathroom Buddies

When did her relationship with Su Manyu improve this much? When had they become buddies that headed to the bathroom while holding hands?

Su Manyu glanced at Lin Qianqian, then said to Ning Shu, “There a ghost in the dorm. Even if I go home, strange things like blood pouring out of the facet happen.”

The reason why Su Manyu returned to the school was because her house was already a mess. Her family was uneasy, so she felt that it was better to head back to school.

She was afraid that the water would be bloody again, that was why she called for Ning Shu to come with her.

Ning Shu put away the soul pearl and went into the restroom with a wash basin. Su Manyu followed her in. When she saw that the facet Ning Shu turned on had normal water coming out, she sighed in relief and went over to the other sink to start washing up. As she did so, she asked, “Zhuang Yutong, do you believe me? There really is a ghost here.”

Ning Shu nodded. “I believe you. I’ve encountered a lot of strange things as well.”

“One time is a coincidence, but two times is no longer a coincidence. Zhang Yuyan has already died, who will be next?” Su Manyu bit her lips hard. Her wash basin was already overflowing with water, so Ning Shu turned off the facet and said, “There’ll definitely be a way.”

“I think it’s because we played with the Ouija board that night. We should’ve listened to you back then. If we had, this wouldn’t have happened.” Su Manyu looked very haggard.

Back then, Zhuang Yutong had already expressed her disagreement, but Lin Qianqian had said that the Ouija spirit was capable of seeing the future and would answer their questions about their futures. Everyone had the desire to know what their futures would be like.

Ning Shu finished washing up, then saw that Su Manyu was still staring into space worriedly, so she said in consolement, “It’ll be fine.”

Su Manyu heaved a long sigh.

By the time the two finished washing up and left the restroom, Lin Qianqian was already lying on the bed. There was a cast on her leg so she didn’t bother to wash up before getting onto her bunk.

Lin Qianqian was unhappy to see those two walk out together like close friends. She felt like she was being excluded. In the past, it had always been Zhuang Yutong being excluded, but now it was her. This feeling was really unpleasant, so she just closed her eyes.

Su Manyu curled up into a tight ball inside her blankets. Ning Shu walked to the window and looked at the ink-like darkness, then smiled coldly. This ma’am isn’t afraid of you. If you have the guts, try and attack this ma’am now?

She then closed the window, pulled the curtain over, then got onto the bed to start meditating.

“Who got into bed last? Why didn’t you close the lights?” Lin Qianqian opened her eyes. “I can’t sleep with the lights on, turn it off.”

The person who had got into bed last was Ning Shu. Lin Qianqian’s words were clearly directed towards Ning Shu, but before Ning Shu even opened her mouth, Su Manyu had already said, “Keep the lights on. There’s a ghost in this dorm, I’m scared.”

“Su Manyu, is there a need to keep saying that there’s a ghost? Do you think that the dorm’s electricity is free?” Lin Qianqian shot back.

“I’ll pay for the electricity this month. Leave it on. I’ll tear apart whoever dares to close it,” said Su Manyu coldly with a glare.

Ning Shu: …

How domineering! Not even the female lead was able to refute.

In the end, the lights were left on.

The surroundings were quiet. Ning Shu slept really well that night. She wasn’t worried about the ghost causing a disturbance because the ghost would be absorbed by the soul pearl the moment it got close.

Near midnight, the curtains were blown out of the way and a chilling wind swept into the room. The lights in the room flickered and went out, then a ghost-like figure seemed to appear outside the window. There seemed to be a sobbing sound that seemed to come from both far away and nearby. There was also the sound of a low snarl, “You will all die, give me your lives…”

Ning Shu sat up and gave the ghost a middle finger. So what if you’re outside? If you have the guts, come in.

Ning Shu knew that the ghost was afraid to come in because of the soul pearl. Come in ah, this ma’am will immediately take care of you!

Lin Qianqian was stunned. She rubbed her eyes. When she found that it wasn’t a hallucination, she squeezed her blankets fearfully in shock.

Su Manyu was so frightened that her entire body trembled, then she climbed up the ladder and buried herself in Ning Shu’s blankets. Her teeth were chattering as she pulled Ning Shu to lay down, then she wrapped all four limbs tightly around Ning Shu.

Ning Shu: …

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