QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0491

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Chapter 491: Jin Ling’s Personal Design

For the time being, the little fox stayed in Huo Qing’s resting palace. The entire batch of consorts and concubines were so jealous that their eyes turned red. Huo Qing didn’t even step inside the inner palace now and spent all his time doting on a woman that came from nowhere.

As of now, it’s been almost half a year since Huo Qing had last entered the inner palace. In the past, Huo Qing rarely came to the inner palace, but at the very least he would allow the consorts and concubines to attend to him. However, now he didn’t even step foot into their place. The consorts and concubines of the inner palace were besides themselves with anxiety.

If they had explosives, Ning Shu was pretty sure that these women would blow up Huo Qing’s resting palace to kill the woman there.

Huo Qing doted on the little fox to an extreme degree. With the exception of when he attended court, he would spend every moment with the little fox.

Ning Shu couldn’t understand why Huo Qing still hadn’t given the little fox a status yet. Could it be that he planned to overthrow the marshal’s residence, then have the little fox directly become empress? In the original storyline, the little fox had become empress and her son had become emperor. Following that, the playful little fox went to travel the world with Huo Qing.

Her life was seriously good to the point it was unbelievable.

“Your Imperial Highness, the people from the ministry of works have started construction near His Majesty’s resting palace. They’re probably building a house,” said Qing Zhu.

Building a house? Weren’t there plenty of houses in this imperial palace? In addition, the architecture of the imperial palace was set before it was built. Suddenly adding a building like this completely ruined the layout of the imperial palace.

“This servant had heard about this from Xiao Anzi. He said that it was a house for Miss Jin Ling and that Miss Jin Ling had personally designed it,” said Qing Zhu. “The people from the ministry of works didn’t want to do it at first and had told His Majesty that every part of the imperial palace had rules and it was related to the nation’s dragon vein and fate, but Miss Jin Ling just said that the people of the ministry of works were superstitious. His Majesty then personally gave a decree that the new building was to be made according to Miss Jin Ling’s designs.”

Ning Shu: …

Alright, the rich had the right to be willful.

Since Huo Qing hadn’t given the little fox a status, the servants in the palace all called her miss. However, they secretly showed contempt for this woman. She was staying with His Majesty despite not having been given any status, wasn’t this clearly illicit sexual relations?

The little fox, who had come from the modern era, didn’t care about this at all. In her opinion, she and Huo Qing had true love, so they were currently in the dating stage. What did this have to do with anyone else?

Even when the little fox heard comments like this, she just brushed it off. As long as she was happy, anything was alright.

Right now she wanted to give Huo Qing a pleasant surprise, so she kept urging the ministry of works to hurry up with the construction.

The little fox had brought the inner palace a lot of other changes as well such as some strange food dishes. She’d often dance modern dances for Huo Qing which were either some dances with suggestive movements or pole dancing.

This made Huo Qing even more enchanted with the little fox. He couldn’t understand what went on inside her head at all.

However, he felt that he was very blessed to have encounter Hu er. He felt like his life before had been pointless, but now every moment mattered. He was sincerely grateful to the Heavens for allowing him to encounter Hu er.

At this time, he had completely forgotten about the fact that there were a lot of consorts and concubines waiting impatiently for him.

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