QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0442

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Chapter 442: Ice-like Man

Ji Jinyan looked over coldly. “What right do you have to die in my arms?”

The ghost was hit by the priest’s attack and her soul started disintegrating. Her voice was filled with hurt. “Ji Jinyan, Ji Jinyan! Even now, I still can’t bear to hurt you.”

“Can’t bear, can’t bear…” The ghost’s voice gradually disappeared until peace was restored.

Ji Qingyuan was about to carry Lin Qianqian to the hospital when Ji Jinyan said, “The family doctor’s inside. Go in.”

Ji Qingyuan ran into the hall with Lin Qianqian while crying.

Ji Jinyan didn’t bother to console him and turned towards the priest. “Many thanks, priest.”

The priest stroked his beard as he said, “You do owe this ghost a marriage fate, but she had done too much evil, so this counts as karma.”

“The people hiding over there can come out now.” The priest looked in the direction where Ning Shu and Su Manyu were hiding.

Ning Shu was pretty happy that the task was finally over. She survived and the ghost had been exorcised.

Su Manyu grabbed Ning Shu’s arm. “Zhuang Yutong, help me up. My legs went numb.”

Hopeless girl. Ning Shu pulled Su Manyu up, then started walking over.

“Uncle Ji, it’s me,” said Su Manyu. Ji Jinyan glanced at her. “Little Su.”

He then casually swept his glance over Ning Shu, then quickly glanced over her again and even took a step towards her before stopping himself.

Ning Shu felt a chill when he looked at her. It was like her blood was freezing over. This was the first time she had seen such a cold and indifferent person. It was like nothing in the world mattered to him. Even the godly doctor hadn’t been so indifferent. The godly doctor had only suppressed his emotions because of his heart condition.

However, Ji Jinyan didn’t seem to have any emotions at all. Coldness was all there was.

“This one is?” Ji Jinyan looked at Ning Shu as he asked Su Manyu this.

Su Manyu said, “This is my classmate. We’re friends that live in the same dorm, her name’s Zhuang Yutong.”

“Zhuang Yutong?” Ji Jinyan seemed to mull over this name and each syllable spilled out of his lips slowly. For some reason, Ning Shu felt her hair rise on end.

Ji Jinyan turned away from Ning Shu and said, “Since it’s late, come in to have some water.”

“Alright. My legs still feel so weak that I can barely walk.” Su Manyu straightforwardly agreed. Ning Shu wanted to refuse, but since Su Manyu had already accepted, she couldn’t very well refuse.

Su Manyu wanted to go inside and see Lin Qianqian in her wretched state. Since the ghost had also been exorcised, Su Manyu suddenly felt that the world was beautiful.

Ning Shu followed them into the main hall which was very luxurious. She kept her head down as she sat on the sofa and just listened silently as Su Manyu told Ji Jinyan about what happened with the ghost in the dorm.

However, Ning Shu kept sensing Ji Jinyan’s gaze on her and she couldn’t help but feel nervous. She didn’t know this person and the original host had come from the countryside so she wouldn’t know this stupidly rich guy either.

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