QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0422

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Chapter 422: Let’s Check Out the Ghosts

Ji Qingyuan hastily left. Su Manyu stared at his back, then pouted like she was about to cry. “He’s angry with me now. We probably can’t even be friends anymore.”

Ning Shu glanced at her with disdain. “What’s with that? You’re seriously hopeless. Isn’t it just a man?”

“What would a country bumpkin like you know?” Su Manyu scorned back. “I’ve liked Ji Qingyuan for a very long time. You don’t understand at all.”

“Tch.” Ning Shu lifted a middle finger. “So unreasonable. The person doesn’t even like you, but you’re still acting like this. It’s seriously disgusting.”

Su Manyu’s face turned red from anger. “Zhuang Yutong, do you want to die?”

Ning Shu: “Ha, ha, ha.”

After Lin Qianqian left, Ning Shu and Su Manyu were left by themselves in the dorm. However, strangely, the ghost didn’t come to bother them again.

Su Manyu found it strange as well. “Could it have gone after Ji Qingyuan and Lin Qianqian?”

Ning Shu didn’t care and just shrugged. “Maybe.”

Worry appeared on Su Manyu’s face. She was clearly worried about Ji Qingyuan. Ning Shu curled her lips in disdain again, “Don’t make such a constipated expression, it makes my teeth ache from the grossness.”

“Zhuang Yutong, would you die if you don’t speak?” shouted Su Manyu angrily.

“Yah, I will.”

“Oh, that’s right, someone from my family managed to get cow tears. They had to collect it at the slaughterhouse, you can’t imagine how much effort it took.” Zhuang Yutong took out a small glass vial filled with liquid from her bag.

Ning Shu took the vial and shook it, then said, “Let’s try it tonight?”

“No way, no thanks!” Su Mangyu hastily shook her head. “It’ll give me nightmares.”

Ning Shu was very curious so she wiped some on her eyes as soon as it got dark. Su Manyu asked curiously, “Can you see them?”

Ning Shu gasped and covered her mouth as she pointed behind Su Manyu. “Behind you…”

“Aaah…” Su Manyu jumped up in fright and hid behind Ning Shu. Her teeth were chattering as she asked, “W-what is it?”

Ning Shu laughed. “Just joking.”

Su Manyu wanted to smack Ning Shu, but Ning Shu dodged and handed the vial to her. “Put some on to see for yourself.”

Su Manyu hesitated, but in the end, she wiped some on. She looked around, then remarked, “There’s no ghosts around?”

Ning Shu leaned on the windowsill and said, “Come over here. There’s none inside the room.”

Su Manyu walked over to the window and peered out only to find that there were a lot of souls wandering around. Those souls had blank expressions and looked almost completely transparent like they were on the verge of disappearing.

Ning Shu wasn’t surprised to see these ghosts. Since this was a supernatural world, it was normal to have ghosts. If not for that, this soul pearl wouldn’t have come into existence.

However, Su Manyu was terrified and hastily crouched down to wipe the cow tears off. “Did we end up in hell? Why are those things everywhere?”

“There’s actually no need to be scared. We’re living in completely different dimensions and usually can’t come into contact with them. However, that malevolent ghost is probably able to control the magnetic fields somehow, which is why all those strange phenomenons have been happening.”

“I wonder how Ji Qingyuan is doing?” After hearing this, Su Manyu wasn’t as scared anymore.

However, Ning Shu wasn’t worried at all. When she saw Su Manyu like this, she said, “I really can’t tell what’s so good about Ji Qingyuan? Except for his skin?”

Ning Shu expressed that there was an entire sea of good-looking twisted people.

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