QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0502

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Chapter 502: The Imperial Palace Has Been Surrounded!

Marshal Xiao stepped out and said, “If Your Majesty isn’t able to make a choice, this old subject is willing to help Your Majesty reach a verdict. This old subject will help Your Majesty kill this demon. If Your Majesty wishes to kill this old subject afterwards, this old subject will have no objections.”

“Old man, you dare!?” Huo Qing stepped in front of the little fox protectively and shouted at Marshal Xiao. “Are you trying to revolt!?”

“For the sake of setting things right again, even if this subject is pinned with the charge of starting a revolt, this subject has no regrets.” Marshal Xiao stroked his white beard. The words he spoke made people feel bad for him and served to make Huo Qing seem even more like a muddle-headed emperor.

Eunuch Qiu rushed over and whispered in Huo Qing’s ear, “Your Majesty, Marshal Xiao’s army is now in control of the entire capital! The imperial palace has already been surrounded.”

Huo Qing’s hands trembled. This day has come as he feared! He now regretted not having rooted out the Xiao family earlier. Due to this, he was now suffering the consequences.

Things have already developed to this point, so there was no other road that he could take.

Huo Qing looked at the little fox who seemed so hurt, then at the united ministers. All the strength seemed to leave his body and he felt helpless like never before.

We will send this woman away, alright?” Huo Qing was expressing that he wouldn’t fight anymore.

However, the ministers shook their head. “This woman is a demon. We can’t understand the hearts of those who are inherently different from us. If we let her go and she ends up harboring resentment, it’ll still harm our nation.”

“Huo Qing, I’ve truly been wrong about you! I thought that you truly loved me, but you only care about your throne!” The little fox shook her head with tears streaming down her cheeks like she couldn’t believe this. “Fine, I’ll leave! I never want to see you again!”

She had come to the ancient era and fallen in love with a man, but this was the result? She clutched at her heart in an agonized manner.

The little fox was hurt, so Huo Qing was even more hurt. Her words stabbed at his heart. This woman’s presence had already become a part of his entire being. He couldn’t imagine what life would be like without Hu er.

“Imperial Mother bets that your imperial father will choose the little fox,” whispered Ning Shu.

Huo Chengwang frowned. He shook his head in a stern manner like a little adult. “How’s that possible? It hadn’t been easy for Imperial Father to obtain this throne. How could he possibly abandon it so easily?”

The struggle for the throne back then had been extremely intense. For the sake of obtaining the throne, Huo Qing had even married Xiao Xiao.

However, now he was going to abandon the throne because of a woman? Even a little boy like Huo Chengwang felt that it wasn’t worth it.

However, if he didn’t do this, how could he prove his love to the little fox?

The veins on Huo Qing’s forehead were popping out. He had never been in such a difficult situation since he had ascended to the throne. It was truly pitiful to have been cornered like this.

We will give up the throne,” said Huo Qing between gritted teeth. He was gritting his teeth so hard that his gums bled. “We will abdicate.”

The bunch of ministers: …

Huo Chengwang: …

Everyone stared at Huo Qing in shock. They looked at him like they were looking at a mental case. He must’ve gone crazy.

The little fox also looked at him in shock for a moment, then her tears flooded out as she cried, “Huo Qing, you…”

“For you, everything is worth it.”

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