QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0406

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Chapter 406: Soul Pearl

Ning Shu’s face crumpled and she looked about to cry. “Grannie, what do I do?”

The shaman didn’t seem to notice Ning Shu’s pitiful look at all and just poured her a bowl of strange-smelling black water. “Drink it.”

“What is this?” Ning Shu asked as she took the bowl.

The shaman looked at Ning Shu. “If you continue on like this, even if nothing else happens, you wouldn’t be able to live for much longer. This is for getting rid of the yin energy.”

When Ning Shu heard this, she drank the water without any more hesitation. The taste was very strange. It was sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty.

“I can save you, but I have a request.” said the shaman.

Ning Shu immediately said, “Please tell me.”

“I need a medicinal herb, and I need you to get it for me,” said the shaman mildly.

Ning Shu agreed without hesitation, “Alright.”

“What herb is it?” she then asked.

The shaman said sternly, “This herb grows in a very dangerous place. You might even die trying to pick it, but if you succeed, I’ll give this to you. This can protect you.”

The shaman took out a black bead. Although black, it emitted a glow like a black pearl.

Before Ning Shu even said anything, 2333’s voice exploded in her mind. “H-hurry! Take it! Hurry! Hurry! Who would’ve thought we’d find this in such a low-level plane? Hurry and take it!”

Ning Shu’s eardrums felt like they were about to burst.

“Shut up.”

Although she didn’t know what this bead was, the fact that it made 2333 so excited made it clear that it was something good. However, her expression didn’t change as she said, “Grannie, I’m willing to go pick the herb.”

“Are you certain? This herb is truly hard to get. If you’re unlucky, you could die.” The shaman’s gaze was very cold.

Ning Shu nodded. “With this malevolent ghost next to me, I’ll meet with a mishap sooner or later. Rather than wait helplessly, I might as well try to get the herb for you.”

“Very good. Then I’ll give this to you for the time being first.” The shaman gave Ning Shu the bead. It looked to be only about the size of a man’s thumb, but it was abnormally heavy.

“This is the herb I want you to get.” The grannie handed Ning Shu a paper. “Collect it according to the instructions. No matter what, make sure not to damage its medicinal qualities.”

Ning Shu glanced at the paper and her pupils dilated, but aside from that, her expression didn’t change. “Grannie, I’ll definitely get the herb.”

The shaman then told her where to find the herb.

Ning Shu put the black bead away and left the grannie’s house to head towards her house.

The original host’s parents were surprised to see Ning Shu and kept asking her if anything happened. Ning Shu said that nothing happened, she had just come back to visit. Then she took out some money to give to the old couple.

Zhuang Yutong’s father was a very suntanned farmer. When he saw Ning Shu pull out a roll of money, his expression changed drastically and he asked her where the money came from.

The parents only relaxed when Ning Shu said that she had earned it through a job and had saved this sum up to give to them. They wanted to give the money back to Ning Shu, but Ning Shu said that they should use it to support her younger brother’s education.

Ning Shu had actually exchanged for the money with points because in reality, Zhuang Yutong’s parents really had it difficult. With some money, they would be able to live a little better.

After getting to her room, she put down her things and started examining the black pearl. She asked 2333, “What is this?”

“You shouldn’t underestimate this thing, it’s a soul pearl that can absorb souls. It’s filled with pure soul energy. The conditions for forming a soul pearl are very harsh. It’s rare for a plane to even form one soul pearl in its lifetime.”

“It’s all soul energy?” Ning Shu’s eyes were glowing. With how heavy it is, how much soul energy must be inside?

#comment: I thought Zhuang Yutong was an only child? But apparently she had a younger brother.

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