QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0477

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Chapter 477: Your Imperial Highness Must Be Happy

Noble Consort Xuan was heartbroken. When she calmed down a little, Ning Shu prepared to comfort her, but then she hesitated. She didn’t know what to say. After all, she couldn’t say that there’d be more children in the future. Not only was Noble Consort Xuan injured from the miscarriage, Huo Qing was now guarding his chastity for the little fox and didn’t visit the inner palace at all. With things like this, how could there possibly be another child?

Noble Consort Xuan was weak from the start, so after crying so hard, her entire body was trembling and her forehead was covered with cold sweat.

“How is His Majesty planning to deal with the fox? I’ve lost my child. I just found out about his existence, and now he’s gone.” Noble Consort Xuan hammered at her chest as tears streamed down her cheeks.

This was what cannon fodders were like. They only embellished the lives of the main leads, but they were also flesh and blood existences. They also felt pain and sadness.

Ning Shu sighed and said, “The body is at the core of things. Without good health, how do you plan to get revenge?”

Noble Consort Xuan looked at Ning Shu for a moment, then scoffed. “Your Imperial Highness must be very happy right now.”

“Why would this empress be happy? This isn’t something that’s worth being happy about.” Ning Shu lifted her brows in confusion.

Noble Consort Xuan tugged her lips into a wry smile. “Now that this subject consort has lost her child, there’s no longer any threat to Your Imperial Highness’s child. Your Imperial Highness, this subject consort is tired. This subject consort wishes to rest.”

Ning Shu said mildly, “Before we discuss whether the child in your belly had been a boy or a girl, say if it was born, it still wouldn’t be any threat to this empress. I’m the empress and this empress’s son is the main and eldest son. As long as this empress doesn’t do anything wrong and this empress’s son doesn’t do anything wrong, this empress’s son is the first in line for succession. Furthermore, there’s also the marshal’s residence supporting this empress.”

It had to be said that the fact that Xiao Xiao had ended up committing suicide despite having such a strong position was truly because love and envy made a person dull-witted. Had she been a little more rational, a little more heartless, she wouldn’t have ended up in this state.

The saying that a woman couldn’t keep their status without having a hardened heart wasn’t baseless.

If something had to be blamed, it should be the fact that Xiao Xiao had fallen in love with an emperor. Not everyone’s a little fox that could let the cold and heartless emperor become warm and affectionate.

Noble Consort Xuan was stunned by Ning Shu’s stark words, then her body trembled even harder. She cried silently, but it made people’s heart ache more than her earlier wailing. Her eyes showed that her heart had turned cold from the pain.

Ning Shu said, “His Majesty will probably give the imperial tutor’s residence an explanation and compensate you.”

Noble Consort Xuan was the granddaughter of the imperial tutor that had assisted two generations of monarchs. He was retired now, but he still had strong influence in court.

“Compensation? I’ve lost my child! Can my child be given back, brought back? I’ve been waiting for this child for countless years. I wasn’t even able to feel his existence yet!” Noble Consort Xuan started yelling at Ning Shu.

“Your Imperial Highness, please forgive us! My highness is just too hurt, she has no intention of offending Your Imperial Highness.” Noble Consort Xuan’s personal maid hastily tried to explain for Noble Consort Xuan.

Ning Shu waved to show that she didn’t care. The maid then turned to Noble Consort Xuan and said, “Your Highness, while you were still unconscious, Her Imperial Highness had asked His Majesty to get justice for you and kill that fox, but His Majesty wouldn’t agree.”

Noble Consort Xuan froze for a moment, then she said, “This subject consort thanks Your Imperial Highness.”

“We’re both women. I can understand your pain,” said Ning Shu. “Rest and recover.”

Noble Consort Xuan was helped back down by the maid.

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