QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0556

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Chapter 556: Obtained the Celestial Residence

Ning Shu immediately felt a connection with the celestial residence and knew that the celestial residence had chosen her. Xie Yu’s facial color changed drastically. He had been able to feel a bit of a connection to the celestial residence earlier, but now he didn’t feel anything. The core was even starting to reject him.

Xie Yu reflexively looked towards Ning Shu and found that his opponent was currently frantically shoving pills into his mouth. Xie Yu’s brows furrowed as he scrutinized Ning Shu. As Ning Shu chewed the pills, she rolled her eyes. “What are you looking at? You’ve never seen someone eat pills before?”

Suddenly, the surroundings went black and everyone fell unconscious.

By the time they woke up again, they found that they were in a valley and no longer in the celestial residence.

Liu Yuanyuan asked Xie Yu, “Did you obtain the celestial residence?”

Xie Yu’s face was ashen. He was just about to answer that he didn’t went a low voice filled with power reverberated through the valley. “Xie Yu, this daddy knows that you’ve obtained the celestial residence! Hand it over and this daddy will spare your life!”

“Wei Liangyue, I don’t have the celestial residence! Stop trying to slander others! I suspect that you’re the one that obtained the celestial residence!” shouted Xie Yu coldly.

Ning Shu placed her hands on her hips as she laughed. “If only I could obtain the celestial residence! If this daddy had obtained the celestial residence, this daddy would immediately give it to Shi Huidi and have her marry me! After all, didn’t your Iridescent Sect refuse to let Shi Huidi marry me precisely because you guys think I’m a disgrace?”

Then Ning Shu kind of regretting saying that, because what if Iridescent Sect really did try to give Shi Huidi to her again? “But this daddy doesn’t have the celestial residence. Seems like this daddy has no fate with Shi Huidi in this lifetime.”

Shi Huidi looked towards Ning Shu coldly. “Wei Liangyue, how much do you intend to humiliate me?”

“I’d rather die than marry you,” said Shi Huidi coldly.

Ning Shu shrugged. “Fine then. It’s just one deformed tree, this daddy still has an entire forest to pick from.”

Shi Huidi coughed a mouthful of blood. She had already been injured by Ning Shu, and now Ning Shu’s insults angered her so much that she vomited blood again.

Liu Yuanyuan was stunned and she looked towards Xie Yu in disbelief. “You really didn’t obtain the celestial residence?”

“I didn’t.” Xie Yu shook his head.

Ning Shu pointed at Xie Yu. “Fine, act. Just keep acting! You’re just scared that people will know that you have the celestial residence, so you’re trying to frame me! My cultivation isn’t high. I’m only at the level of spirit master, so when I fight, I have to rely completely on physical strength. My spirit consciousness at this level of cultivation isn’t strong enough to subdue the celestial residence.”

This time around, Xie Yu was really about to cough blood. He could see that everyone was looking at him with fervent greed in their eyes.

“What happened? Why are you guys here? Why did the dungeon disappear?” The elders of the sects had come over.

Ning Shu found the elder from Heavenly Law Sect and immediately went over. She pointed at Xie Yu as she shouted, “Elder, a disciple of Iridescent Sect, Xie Yu, obtained the celestial residence!”

Ning Shu’s words caused the faces of the other elders to turn grim. However, the elder from Iridescent Sect looked pleasantly surprised and immediately left with the disciples of Iridescent Sect.

As Xie Yu took in the delighted expression on the elder’s face, he experienced what it was like to not be able to voice his troubles.

When Liu Yuanyuan saw that Xie Yu had left, she was indignant. This trip had been fruitless! Even though she came here with the jade tablet, she hadn’t been able to gain anything at all. Who exactly had the celestial residence?

Liu Yuanyuan suspected that the celestial residence was in Wei Liangyue’s hands, but his cultivation level truly was too low and he didn’t have a strong enough spirit consciousness to possibly subdue the celestial residence.

A small fish had no way of devouring a shark. At Wei Liangyue’s level, it was near impossible for him to obtain the celestial residence. The celestial residence’s power was too great, there was no way he’d be able to endure it.

When a sandpiper and clam warred, the fisherman caught both. She didn’t know who it was that had been behind all of this and secretly reaped the benefits, but she sure hadn’t been able to obtain anything! She had put in all this time for nothing and even got injured!

Liu Yuanyuan was very upset. She was the main disciple of Blood Refinement School and had never been in such a wretched state before or fallen into someone else’s scheme like this. The anger caused her to vomit blood again. She had no choice but to leave for now.

Since the dungeon had disappeared and Iridescent Sect had obtained the celestial residence, Iridescent Sect’s power would definitely shoot up. Gradually, everyone else left. The elder of Heavenly Law Sect looked worried. As he looked at Ning Shu, he sighed and said, “Who would’ve thought that you’d be able to make it back alive? Seems like your dad hadn’t made all those preparations for you in vain.”

“Let’s head back first,” said the elder. Ning Shu was preoccupied with trying to find a reasonable explanation for the fact that she was the only disciple from Heavenly Law Sect that survived.

#comment: Really, such a bloody chapter filled with people puking blood. Lol, when the characters puke blood, we cheer. When the characters are living happily, we puke blood. Xp

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