QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0452

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Chapter 452: Finish HW Before You Play

Even though news that the empress had fallen ill came from the palace, Huo Qing still didn’t visit the inner palace. He didn’t even bother to send a message asking how she was doing.

Ning Shu didn’t care though, she was actually relieved. From the looks of it, Huo Qing was now determined to remain chaste. It was good for her since she didn’t want to tumble with him at all.

She was just a little curious about how he dealt with his needs. Could it be that he rubbed himself?

Ning Shu continued to train without any breaks and finally got to the point that this body could walk a couple steps without having to pant heavily. It seemed that the original host had been seriously angered.

It had already been many days, so it was time to talk to the little milkbun a little. Ning Shu had Qing Zhu call Huo Chengwang over.

When Huo Chengwang came, his face was flushed and his hair was soaked from sweat. Ning Shu narrowed her eyes and saw that there was a strand of golden fur on Huo Chengwang’s shoulder. It seemed that this little guy had been playing with the fox again.

Huo Chengwang saluted Ning Shu formally. “This subject son pays his respects to Imperial Mother and wishes Imperial Mother good health.”

Ning Shu continued observing Huo Chengwang without a word, causing a trace of unease to flash across Huo Chengwang’s flushed face. Ning Shu gently pulled him over and reached out to brush the fur off his shoulder.

“Imperial Mother.” Huo Chengwang became even more uneasy when Ning Shu did this and he lowered his head fearfully.

“Chengwan, you played with the fox today?” asked Ning Shu gently. “Tell Imperial Mother where you guys went?”

“Imperial Mother, This subject son didn’t.” Huo Chengwang didn’t dare to meet her eyes.

Ning Shu said, “Imperial Mother isn’t rebuking you. You can keep playing with the fox.”

“Really? Imperial Mother?” Huo Chengwang abruptly lifted his head and looked at Ning Shu with glowing eyes.

Ning Shu nodded. “That’s right.”

“Imperial Mother, you’re the best!” Huo Chengwang threw himself into Ning Shu’s arms and rubbed his face against her in a spoiled manner. Ning Shu was uncomfortable and pulled him away from her while saying with an annoyed tone, “You’re a grown man already and you’re still trying to act cute?”

“Imperial Mother does have a condition if you want to play with the fox. As long as you fulfill it, you can play with the fox as much as you want,” said Ning Shu sternly.

Huo Chengwang immediately patted his chest and said, “Imperial Mother, This subject son will definitely do it well.”

“Imperial Mother doesn’t intend to request a lot. Just practice writing twenty characters and memorize one poem every day. After you finish those tasks, you can go play. The sooner you finish, the more time you’ll have to play with the fox.” Ning Shu softened her tone to entice him.

It was better to nudge than to push. Rather than force him to study without end, it would be better to set a definite amount so that he had something to work towards.

“Alright! Imperial Mother, This subject son will definitely be able to do it!” Huo Chengwang’s face was glowing with excitement.

Ning Shu nodded. “That’s good, but you must finish before you play, got it? Chengwang, you really like the fox, don’t you?”

“En, the little fox is really cute and smart. This subject son has never seen such an intelligent animal before.” Huo Chengwang nodded repeatedly in a very cute manner.

Ning Shu looked at her nails while saying with a smile, “Really? I heard that your imperial father also likes it a lot.”

“The little fox is so cute, who wouldn’t like it?” replied Huo Chengwang like it was obvious.

Ning Shu: The person in front of you doesn’t.

Ning Shu patted Huo Chengwang’s shoulder. “Remember what you promised your imperial mother. You’re a man, a good nobleman must stand by their word.”

“This subject son will remember,” said Huo Chengwang loudly with childish enthusiasm. It was very cute, like looking at a little adult.

Qing Zhu, who was standing next to Ning Shu, laughed and the other maids in the palace also covered their smiles.

NSS laughed as well. “Then go play now, but don’t forget to practice writing and memorize a poem. Bring it to Imperial Mother to check tonight.”

When Huo Chengwang lifted, his steps practically generated wind.

“Qing Zhu, This empress hasn’t been sleeping well lately. There’s always this feeling of something sneaking around. There’s probably mice in the palace. Have someone place some mousetraps in the corners,” said Ning Shu mildly.

Qing Zhu immediately went off to do so.

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