QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0526

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Chapter 526: Even Integrity Could Be Abandoned

Yan Jiao was so angry that her face was contorted and she pointed at Ning Shu angrily as she shouted, “Are you even a man!? You’re actually complaining to an elder? Do you have no shame?”

“So what if I have no shame?” Ning Shu said indignantly, “Could it be that you’re justified in hitting people? You’re the one that’s shameless! You’re resorting to violence just because you can’t win with words. You’re completely shameless!”

“You’re the one that’s shameless. Big shameless pervert!” Yan Jiao shouted back.

Aiy, this girl was seriously too cute. She’d be even cuter if she didn’t threaten people with a whip. It was such a shame that such an adorable lil’ sis was going to be submerged by the waves of Xie Yu’s harem. Every time Xie Yu encountered a beauty, he would pocket them, so he had all sorts of beauties in his collection—romantic ones, seductive ones, pure ones, dignified ones, indifferent ones, lively ones, etc.

And all of these women loved him to death. The moment they encountered him, they would be attracted to him.

“That’s enough, Yan Jiao. There’s no need to get serious with someone like this.” Xie Yu felt a little uncomfortable when he saw that Yan Jiao was bickering with Ning Shu.

Yan Jiao’s attitude was much better when she was facing Xie Yu. As she walked back, she bared her teeth at Ning Shu and threatened, “You just wait! If you fall into my hands, I’ll definitely make it so your life is worse than death.”

Ning Shu: So scared ah.

The force field around the dungeon became increasingly weak. It seemed that it was about to open. Ning Shu got serious and grabbed her spirit beast pouch tightly. If anything happened, she’d immediately let out the lightning wind eagle and flee. Nothing was more important than life. For the sake of surviving, even integrity could be abandoned.

“It opened.”

“The dungeon’s open!”

As these remarks arose, a large hole appeared in the force field. Ning Shu was in the middle of the crowd, so she was swept in by the momentum of the crowd before she could even react. Her head seemed to buzz, then she passed out.

Not long after she woke up, Liu Qinyang woke up as well and started vomiting. Once the intense vertigo finally faded, Liu Qinyang finally noticed that Ning Shu was next to him. He asked in surprise, “Why are you completely fine even after going through the teleportation array?”

“Of course I’m not fine. I wanted to vomit, but I swallowed it back down,” said Ning Shu as she smacked her lips.

Liu Qinyang: Urgh…

Liu Qinyang started puking again. Ning Shu paid no attention to him and let the lightning wind eagle out of her spirit beast pouch in preparation to head off.

“Hey, where are you going?” When Liu Qinyang saw Ning Shu’s lightning wind eagle, his eyes flashed with interest. “The dungeon’s dangerous. Let’s go together so that we can work together if we encounter anything dangerous.”

Liu Qinyang’s eyes were filled with interest as he looked at the lightning wind eagle, then he asked Ning Shu, how many people can your lightning wind eagle take?”

“One.” Ning Shu got on the lightning wind eagle and flew into the air. When Liu Qinyang saw that Ning Shu had left, his facial color immediately worsened and he hastily shouted towards Ning Shu, “Are you seriously going to go off alone with how weak you are? Let’s go together!”

Ning Shu didn’t want to stay together with someone that had ulterior motives. If she did so, she’d even have to be on guard against the people traveling with her.

The lightning wind eagle flew very quickly and instantly disappeared from Liu Qinyang’s line of sight. Liu Qinyang cursed. He regretted not having made his move earlier. He never thought that a trash like Wei Liangyue actually had a lightning wind eagle as his contract beast.

Ning Shu sat on the lightning wind eagle’s back and looked into the distance. This space had deserts and forests. Faint sounds of beasts roaring could be heard coming from the lush mountain forest and in the distance, there was a large sea.

It was a scene she had expected of a cultivator’s residence, but she was still surprised by how large the place was.

Ning Shu had the lightning wind eagle land, then put it away. As she walked in the forest, she collected all the spirit herbs she encountered. This dungeon was filled with primordial energy. Whenever she took a deep breath, primordial energy filled her lungs and made her feel completely refreshed. If she could subdue this celestial residence and cultivate inside, it’d be awesome.

However, this was probably a lucky encounter of the male lead’s and had nothing to do with her.

Ning Shu crushed some herbs and rubbed them on her to create a scent that most spirit beasts hated. She really wanted this celestial residence, but unfortunately her ability level was too low. She couldn’t afford to compete with the male at all.


“How is this celestial residence anything good? It’s just trash.” 2333’s voice was filled with disdain.

Ning Shu replied mildly, “Forgive me for not having seen much of the world and not being able to tell what’s good and what’s bad.”

“Why do you say that this celestial residence is trash?” Ning Shu felt very complicated when something she desperately longed to have was being treated with so much disdain by someone else.

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