QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0588

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Chapter 588: The Real World of Acting?

When Mai Douer who was showering heard the sounds coming from outside, she bit her lips tightly. She felt like crying.

Mai Douer felt that her manager didn’t really pay attention to her. Was Big Sis Chen unhappy with her because they had to apologize to Mo Juefeng last time?

Big Sis Chen always seemed so indifferent towards her, but she talks so much with Qiao Yi. When Mai Douer recalled how wretched she looked in front of Qiao Yi when she walked into the room, she was irritated with herself.

Why was she so useless?

The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to cry again. She had to tilt her head back in order to force the tears down.

When Mai Douer came out, Ning Shu noticed that her eyes and nose were a little red, so she consoled her and said, “Don’t be in a rush and just take your time. No one’s born knowing how to act. You’re just a little inexperienced right now. Once you have more practice, you’ll get better.”

Mai Douer nodded in response gloomily. Ning Shu glanced at her, then turned and left without saying anything else.

Once Ning Shu left, Mai Douer turned towards Qiao Yi a little enviously. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself. Big Sis Chen even helped you sign up for courses.”

“Didn’t Big Sis Chen also accompany you to an audition?” asked Qiao Yi with a frown. She felt like Big Sis Chen treated Mai Douer the best, but that was to be expected. Mai Douer had good looks and a clean aura after all. Whenever trouble occurred, Big Sis Chen would resolve it for Mai Douer, so what was she still discontent with?

Mai Douer pressed her lips together unhappily. How was that an audition? Big Sis Chen just pulled her to the filming location and asked the director to give her a role. The role she had to take today made her extremely upset.

She felt like the strange taste of those rations was still in her mouth. Even though she had brushed her teeth multiple times, she still couldn’t get rid of the taste.

Could it be that this was what the acting world was really like? But the female lead was clearly wearing beautiful clothes with exquisite makeup, so how come she had to act as a beggar?

Mai Douer really couldn’t accept this.

On the other hand, as soon as Ning Shu walked out, she encountered Xie Yu who was posing coolly nearby. When he saw Ning Shu, he immediately cornered her with a wall bam and said, “Hey beautiful, you free?”

Ning Shu expressionlessly pushed him aside and caused him to stagger backwards. Xie Yu clutched at his chest in surprise. “Big Sis Chen, how are you so strong? Are you even still a woman?”

Ning Shu knew that Xie Yu was waiting for her because he wanted to get more work. This job was seriously too complicated. She had to constantly deal with things the entire day without a single chance to pause for a breather. She glanced at Xie Yu without saying anything and Xie Yu immediately asked with a tone of concern, “Big Sis Chen, how’s your health?”

“You shouldn’t be too harsh with your own health. Xie Yu was really worried when you fell sick. Xie Yu wished that he could just take the suffering in your stead.” Xie Yu looked towards Ning Shu, his eyes seemingly sincere. With his handsome young looks, if this had been directed towards a young girl, they definitely would’ve become infatuated.

However, Ning Shu just continued looking at him with slight disinterest. Xie Yu finally stopped acting since there didn’t seem to be any effect and he allowed his true desire to show through. “Big Sis Chen, they all have work, but I don’t have any.”

“If you don’t have work, just post some selfies in your free time and put your handsome face on Weibo. With your looks, it’ll be easy to gather fans. What do you mean by you have nothing to do?” said Ning Shu with a disdainful glance.

“Big Sis Chen, you don’t love me anymore.” If it weren’t for the fact that they were opposite genders, Xie Yu probably would’ve grabbed Ning Shu’s arm to swing it coquettishly.

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