QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0552

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Chapter 552: Can’t Bully a CPU This Way!

Liu Yuanyuan was shocked to see that Ning Shu was still alive. Everyone else that had attempted to subdue the celestial residence had died, so they couldn’t afford to underestimate this person.

“Fuck, this daddy’s spirit consciousness isn’t strong enough! Can’t even enter the thing!” Ning Shu cursed.

When Liu Yuanyuan heard what Ning Shu said, she immediately concluded that she had been overthinking things. It was no wonder that he hadn’t died. He hadn’t even been able to enter the core.

“Stop wasting your energy. You won’t be able to obtain this celestial residence,” said Liu Yuanyuan, seeming very certain of her own intuition.

Ning Shu shrugged without speaking. She felt exhaustion come from her very soul. This one attempt had probably used up a lot of her soul’s energy.

However, she had gotten what she had been aiming for. As she had predicted, there was something off with the core. The whole incident with the jade tablets was probably staged by this ghost to lure people here.

Xie Yu laughed coldly when he saw that Ning Shu had failed, then he inserted his own consciousness into the core. Soon, his face started twisting sinisterly.

Liu Yuanyuan and Yan Jiao watched Xie Yu nervously. Even Shi Huidi’s gaze was fixed on him.

Ning Shu glanced over at Xie Yu. Based on his luck and ability, he’d probably be able to kill off that spirit and obtain the celestial residence.

She pressed her lips together, then silently asked 2333, “Can you get to the place where planes are nurtured?”

“What are you planning to do? What are you asking this for?” asked 2333.

Ning Shu said, “I just wanted to know if you could go?”


“As expected, you can’t,” remarked Ning Shu with disdain. She saw that blood was seeping out the corners of Xie Yu’s mouth. He was probably battling with the ghost right now.

Ning Shu asked 2333, “Can you get there or not?”

“I can, but I don’t have enough energy,” said 2333 after a moment of silence.

“You’ve already absorbed that many spirit essence crystals and you still don’t have enough energy?” Ning Shu felt that this system was a complete swindler.

2333 said in a depressed tone, “An energy source this average isn’t enough to support us to the place where planes grow.”

“If you give me the primal chaos stone, I’ll have enough energy,” said 2333.

Ning Shu felt that System 2333-sama was just aiming for her primal chaos stone. It seemed that the stone really was something precious. She said mildly, “System-sama, there are some things that I’m not willing to go to the trouble of bickering over, but you shouldn’t treat me as an idiot either. Otherwise I’ll register a complaint and say that you’re tricking things out of the player and making use of system loopholes to exchange things. At that time, you can just packed up and head to the recycling center.”

“Aiyo, please lady, how can you say this? I only exchanged those things for you, how can you be so ungrateful? The reason I’m out of energy is because I went to save you. You said that you would help me find energy, but now you’re going back on your promise. Since you want my help, give me a primal chaos stone. How can you threaten me? Ning Shu, what exactly do you treat me as? Even though I’m just a cpu, it doesn’t mean you can bully me this way!” 2333 sounded hurt and indignant.

Ning Shu: …

Fudge, why did she suddenly feel a little guilty?

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