QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0475

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Chapter 475: Imperial Father Smiled Just Now

After being knocked into, Noble Consort Xuan covered her stomach and screamed. Everything had happened too quickly. By the time everyone processed what had just happened, Noble Consort Xuan was screaming in pain as blood dyed her skirt.

“Hurry! Imperial physician, take a look at the noble consort. Make sure to protect the dragon fetus!” said Ning Shu.

Noble Consort Xuan sat on the chair weakly as her skirt turned red from the flow of blood. Her face was very pale and tears streamed down her face as she reached out for Huo Qing. Huo Qing hesitated for a moment, then took Noble Consort Xuan’s hand. Noble Consort Xuan begged weakly, “Your Majesty, please save our child. Please, Your Majesty!”

Huo Qing didn’t speak and just nodded. Noble Consort Xuan’s face gradually became even more pale. Even though the imperial physician had given her acupuncture, the blood wouldn’t stop.

Ning Shu watched from the side, then shook her head. Noble Consort Xuan probably wouldn’t be able to keep this child.

“Your Majesty, Her Highness Noble Consort has weak health so it hadn’t been easy for her to become pregnant. Her fetus was unstable from the start, so after being hit with a large force… This subject can do nothing. Her Highness Noble Consort has lost the fetus.” The imperial physician kowtowed as he stated this.

Noble Consort Xuan had been enduring all the pain for what little hope there was, but after she heard this, she fainted.

A twisted expression of joy flashed across Huo Qing’s face but quickly disappeared. He said coldly to the imperial physician, “Do all you can to help Noble Consort recover. Use any medicine necessary, but make sure that her health recovers.”

“This subject will do so.” When the imperial physician saw that Huo Qing had no intention of punishing him, he wiped at his cold sweat in relief.

“Your Majesty, the imperial garden is windy, so please help carry Noble Consort Xuan back to her palace,” said Ning Shu.

Huo Qing frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment before lifting Noble Consort Xuan and walking towards her palace.

When Ning Shu saw Huo Qing’s hesitation, her heart filled with contempt. He was happy to carry an animal around all day, but acted like he had mysophobia when he had to carry his own woman? The fuck?

“Chengwang, you guys should head back first.” Ning Shu had Qing Zhu bring the two kids back. Huo Chengwang grabbed Ning Shu’s sleeve, so Ning Shu asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Imperial Mother, be careful,” whispered Huo Chengwang. “Imperial Father smiled just now.”

Ning Shu was stunned for a moment, then she asked, “When?” She had been completely focused on Noble Consort Xuan just now and hadn’t paid attention to Huo Qing’s expression.

“It was when the imperial physician said that the noble consort’s child was gone. This subject son saw Imperial Father’s lips turn up.” Huo Chengwang’s face was scrunched up. “Imperial Mother, you have to believe this subject son. This subject son really saw it.”

“Imperial Mother believes you.” Ning Shu rubbed Huo Chengwang’s head. “Go with Qing Zhu.”

Ning Shu caught up with Huo Qing and glanced at his side profile. He looked very cold and indifferent, which made his strong features even more handsome. However, Ning Shu only felt a chill. This man had actually smiled when his woman had a miscarriage.

They soon arrived at Noble Consort Xuan’s resting palace. Huo Qing placed Noble Consort Xuan on the bed and said to the imperial physician, “Look after the noble consort well.”

Huo Qing stood by the bed for a while, but he kept glancing outside. He shifted restlessly, then said to Ning Shu, “Empress, we still have some matters to take care of, so please keep watch over the noble consort. If anything happens, send someone to notify us.”

Ning Shu didn’t want to even look at Huo Qing and lowered her head as she said, “Your Majesty, Noble Consort Xuan’s miscarriage wasn’t an accident, it was because the little fox rammed into her stomach. This subject wife believes that Noble Consort should be given a proper explanation. The little fox had just killed a child of the imperial family. It can’t be let off just like this.”

The other consorts in the palace looked at each other, then looked towards Huo Qing to wait for his answer.

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