QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0583

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Chapter 583: Planning Out Qiao Yi’s Curriculum

After Mai Douer left, Ning Shu worked with Qiao Yi to come up with a course curriculum. Since she wanted to go into music, she had to learn at least one instrument in order to have more of a background.

Qiao Yi picked piano and Ning Shu felt that it suited her well. For the following period of time, Qiao Yi wouldn’t be taking on any work and would be focusing on piano practice and singing practice. Qiao Yi wouldn’t have any income for at least three months.

“Can you accept that?” asked Ning Shu. There was no way that the company would make a CD for a newcomer just because the newcomer wanted to become a singer. They’d have to find people to compose lyrics and music, and there was no way they’d spend so many resources on a newcomer.

“If you’re determined to take this path, you’ll have to work towards it slowly,” said Ning Shu. “The first thing you have to do is build a solid foundation.”

Not having income for half a year was a challenge for Ning Shu as well as Qiao Yi. When a talent couldn’t earn money, the company wouldn’t give the talent resources, so the talent would have even less chances to show their faces and earn money. If they couldn’t earn money at all, the company would abandon them.

If the original host wanted her talents to do better, she had to make the company see the value of her talents and make the company feel that this talent would bring the company more benefits. That was the only way the company would start to view the talent as important and spend resources to groom the talent.

If Qiao Yi wanted to go into music, she had to study for at least half a year. Ning Shu sighed and looked towards Qiao Yi as she said, “You should consider things carefully.”

Qiao Yi clenched her fists with conviction. “Big Sis Chen, I’m willing to listen to your arrangements. I want to sing. I have no motivation to do other things at all.”

Ning Shu nodded. “Then let’s plan it out.”

Ning Shu and Qiao Yi finally arranged the curriculum. Qiao Yi filled her schedule to the brim so there was only eight hours for resting every day. Even Ning Shu felt like it was too much.

However, Qiao Yi seemed very happy. It seemed like striving towards something you liked was completely different from being forced to do things.

Ning Shu would have to apply for Qiao Yi’s courses with the company, and it wasn’t guaranteed that they would get them since there were so many talents in the company. Those who earned the company a lot of money were always prioritized. That was reality.

After Qiao Yi left, Ning Shu drove to the company to help Qiao Yi apply for these courses. As she had expected, over half of these courses were rejected, only a third had been approved. Qiao Yi didn’t really earn a lot of money. She only had occasional appearances at some events and was paid only a little for her appearance.

Qiao Yi also didn’t have any quality works. When she acted, it was only in insignificant roles.

Ning Shu was also taking a huge risk in helping Qiao Yi change her field. Every year the company would analyze each talent’s situation, and Qiao Yi was not going to be earning anything for half a year while using up the company’s resources. It was obvious how much pressure Ning Shu was going to face.

When Qiao Yi learned that Ning Shu didn’t manage to get as many courses for her as they had planned, she didn’t react with any dissatisfaction. She was already really happy that she could now go on the path that she liked.

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