QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0569

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Chapter 569: Come Back Alive

Old Man Wei frowned. “That old man Yan has zero sincerity. Every time he comes, he just sends over women. We, Heavenly Law Sect, have plenty of people, why would we care for his people? But you don’t have to worry about this. Just focus on your training, your dad will take care of this.”

“Will it cause you trouble?” asked Ning Shu. After all, it was something regarding two sects.

“It’s fine. Your dad can handle it.”

Old Man Wei seriously doted on his son. He allowed his son to break off engagements and refuse engagements as he pleased.

Just as Shi Huidi said, Wei Liangyue could do as he wished because he had a dad that indulged him. The moment his dad died, Wei Liangyue suffered all the struggles he should’ve faced before in life, in double the intensity.

Old Man Wei prepared a lot of things for his son’s outing. Ning Shu had made some preparations of her own as well, so the items totaled up to two storage pouches.

Ning Shu’s strength had increased a lot due to this period of training. With her feeding, the lightning wind eagle also grew a lot larger. The span of one of its wings was nearly the width of a room now.

Old Man Wei walked Ning Shu to the sect entrance and led her out of the protective array. He patted Ning Shu’s hand as he said, “Come back alive. Your dad will wait for your return in the sect.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll definitely live long enough to pay my last respects to you,” replied Ning Shu with a grin.

“Stinkin’ brat.” Old Man Wei slapped Ning Shu’s head, then exhorted, “While outside, make sure to be careful, got it? If you encounter anyone with malicious intentions, just kill them. Don’t try to be a hero saving damsels in distress and don’t casually bully the elderly and children.”

“Yes. Some elderly could be strong experts with very high cultivations and those little brats wandering around outside could turn out to be the grandchildren of strong experts. If I’m not careful, I’ll end up provoking a lot of trouble. I got it already, Dad.” Ning Shu let out the lightning wind eagle and jumped into its back as she said, “Dad, you should head back. I’m heading off.”

The lightning wind eagle unfurled its wings, then flew into the air. Its speed was now extremely fast. Ning Shu glanced back and saw that Old Man Wei was still standing in the same spot, but he soon shrank into a tiny, distant black dot.

Ning Shu turned back around. As she sat on the lightning wind eagle’s back, she started considering what was the best way to find Xie Yu.

She’d definitely run into him eventually. In addition, a lot of people were currently hunting Xie Yu down in hopes of obtaining his celestial residence, so it’d probably be easy to buy news about where he was with a couple primordial crystals.

She saw that there was a small town in the distance, so she patted the lightning wind eagle’s back and had it descend.

When she got to the entrance of the town, she put the lightning wind eagle away and walked into a restaurant. Rest stops like this had people from all trades so it was the best place to gather information.

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