QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0548

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Chapter 548: Enormous Black Snake

Before she was able to make it out, a large tail-like thing swept towards her. She quickly dodged the attack. When she looked over, she saw that there was still an unharmed snake that had been hiding in the shadows. This snake was very large. Its body diameter was about the side of a man’s waist and it was almost twenty feet long.

This snake was black from head to toe, but its eyes were completely red. It towered over Ning Shu as it flicked its forked tongue.

Ning Shu took a deep breath and the stench immediately filled her senses. She had been trying to calm down, but this stench almost made her puke.

She couldn’t take it anymore. It was too stinky, too disgusting! She decided to just attack and pierced her sword towards the snake’s head.

The enormous snake swept its strong tail towards Ning Shu. Ning Shu dodged the tail and pierced the sword towards the snake’s head. The snake spat flaming red lava towards her in response. Ning Shu hastily dodged, but her clothing was still burned.

Ning Shu saw that her skin was red and swollen from being scalded. She quickly pierced towards the snake’s head. The spirit weapon was extremely sharp, and with Ning Shu’s strength added on, she pierced straight through the snake’s head. Blood spurted out and filled with air with even worse of a stench. The enormous snake struggled frantically and countless pillars were destroyed by its flailing.

The small snakes in the palace seemed to sense something that made them delighted and they surged towards the enormous snake. In a few seconds, the large snake was covered with smaller snakes. These small snakes actually wanted to devour the large snake?

Ning Shu’s scalp prickled in disgust and she decided to abandon her sword and just run.

Were these snakes left here to drive people away by grossing them out?

Ning Shu rushed out of the snake palace and entered a wider palace hall. There were three people in the palace right now. Ning Shu saw that Xie Yu was currently standing protectively in front of Liu Yuanyuan and not far from them, a man dressed in green was convulsing on the ground while screaming in pain. His body was twisted into a grotesque and clearly unnatural shape.

The man’s face was twisted in agony as blood poured out of his eyes, nose, and mouth. His seven apertures were bleeding.

“AAAaah…” The man cried in pain. Finally, after one last abrupt convulsion, his eyes widened slightly, then he fell still.

This was the scene Ning Shu saw the moment that she entered.

She was disappointed to find that Xie Yu wasn’t the one that had died. The only people here aside from Ning Shu were the people that possessed the jade tablets.

Liu Yuanyuan’s face was pale when she saw that this man had died. It was clear that she was frightened by this scene since she couldn’t stop herself from edging closer to Xie Yu.

Xie Yu turned around. When he saw Ning Shu, his pupils dilated, then he said coldly, “You actually managed to get in.”

Ning Shu calmly brushed back her hair and said, “Since even you had been able to enter, why wouldn’t I be able to enter?” Ning Shu looked towards the ground at the corpse whose face was still twisted in agony. “Seems like it won’t be that easy to obtain the celestial residence.”

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