QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0544

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Chapter 544: Fated to Be Enemies

Ning Shu pulled up her sleeves, then pointed at Xie Yu as she shouted, “Bastard! You dared to try and kill this young master, if this young master doesn’t teach you a proper lesson today, this young master’s surname isn’t Wei!”

“Didn’t you die? Why are you here?” Yan Jiao shouted at Ning Shu fiercely with a vexed expression, “You’re not the big pervert at all! There’s no way the big pervert’s this strong!”

“Little girl, if you dare to call me big pervert again, I really will do something to you!” Ning Shu glanced at Yan Jiao, then remarked, “Now that I look, you really are a cute little pepper.”

“You! You shameless…” Yan Jiao’s entire body trembled with anger as she pointed her whip at Ning Shu.

Xie Yu extended an arm to stop Yan Jiao. He glared at Ning Shu with murderous intent as he said coldly, “Wei Liangyue, what are you bullying women for?”

“Then what about you? You actually need a woman to step up for you?” retorted Ning Shu.

Chirp chirp…!” The phoenix that Ning Shu had kicked charged towards her angrily with leaping flames surging on its body. It was clearly holding a grudge against Ning Shu for that kick earlier.

Ning Shu didn’t bother to dodge and prepared to fight it headon. She wanted to figure out the limit of her strength. As her fist made contact with the phoenix’s head, she felt like she was hitting a flaming hot block of iron.

Although her hand was scorched slightly, the phoenix had been punched in the head and was sent flying backwards by the force of the blow. It tried to stabilize itself, but couldn’t and finally fainted when it fell to the ground.

“Xiao Huo!” Xie Yu’s expression changed drastically as he ran over and put the phoenix back into his spirit beast pouch. He glared at Ning Shu with murderous intent. “Humph! Wei Liangyue, very good.”

“Many thanks for your praise. This is all to repay you for trying to kill me. This daddy isn’t some soft persimmon for you to crush as you please. You want to kill this daddy to make a couple women happy? Keep dreaming!” As Ning Shu spoke, she kept blowing at her hand. Her skin had chapped due to the heat earlier.

As expected, even Xie Yu’s spirit pets were extremely tough. Xie Yu was pretty much fine after taking a blow from her, and his phoenix had only fainted.

Yan Jiao’s jaw dropped in astonishment when she saw how strong Ning Shu was. She pointed at Ning Shu as she exclaimed, “Are you still Wei Liangyue, the big pervert?”

“Senior Sister, is he Wei Liangyue?” Yan Jiao turned to ask Shi Huidi. She was in complete disbelief. It was like Wei Liangyue had suddenly transformed from a toad into a prince.

Shi Huidi glanced towards Ning Shu with a complicated look in her eyes before saying mildly, “I don’t know him very well.”

Shi Huidi was telling the truth. Although she had been engaged to Wei Liangyue, they hadn’t interacted at all. In addition, since Shi Huidi knew what kind of person her fiancé was, she avoided meeting with him

So she and Wei Liangyue were pretty much strangers.

Yan Jiao glowered at Ning Shu. Since this person was this strong, that meant that he had purposefully been messing with her back at the entrance to the dungeon. He was seriously a big pervert!

“Since you want to fight, I’ll accompany you. I’d like to see exactly how strong you are.” Xie Yu was now greatly apprehensive of this hedonistic son. Xiao Huo had actually lost to him.

Ning Shu lifted her hand and said loudly, “I’m currently injured. Is the handsome and cool Xie Yu trying to take advantage of the weak? Don’t you care about losing face in front of so many beauties?”

Xie Yu looked at Ning Shu coldly, his eyes now calm and no longer containing any trace of the previous murderous intent and frustration. He now viewed this person as an enemy that stood on equal grounds as him.

They were fated to be enemies due to Shi Huidi.

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