QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0427

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Chapter 427: Beat Him Up With Me!

The moment Ji Qingyuan arrived, he hit Su Manyu, and now he was glaring at her fiercely.

Su Manyu touched her cheek in shock. “Not even my dad has ever hit me. Who do you think you are, to dare to hit me!? Ji Qingyuan, you think you can do whatever you want to me just because I like you, is that it?”

Ji Qingyuan glanced coldly at Ning Shu. He felt like his tailbone was about to break from her shove earlier. When he heard Su Manyu’s accusatory words, he said, “I’m hitting you on Qianqian’s behalf! For better or for worse, you guys are classmates, how could you be so cruel? Don’t you know that Qianqian will end up crippled from this? Her leg hasn’t recovered since the time you pushed her down the stairs!”

“Qianqian had told me before that you were always targeting her, but I never thought that you would actually go this far!” Ji Qingyuan roared at Su Manyu.

Su Manyu’s expression turned frustrated. “I didn’t push her at all! I didn’t do it! It was the ghost that pushed her! I didn’t do anything! Ji Qingyuan, you haven’t even looked into anything and you’re slandering me! You just believe everything that comes out of Lin Qianqian’s mouth?”

“I understand Qianqian. She’s very kind-hearted and gets along with everyone, but you’re always picking on her.” Ji Qingyuan said coldly, “Su Manyu, you can’t get away with pushing everything onto the ghost just because the ghost can’t argue back. Su Manyu, I was mistaken about you.”

Su Manyu was so angry that she felt like her chest was about to explode. “Ji Qingyuan! My fucking god! I must’ve fucking dropped my eyeballs to have liked you! You and Lin Qianqian are a perfect bitch couple! This ma’am will just lay things out here! If this ma’am really had touched Lin Qianqian, then this ma’am will be killed by the ghost!”

Su Manyu walked to him and then abruptly slapped him. “Who do you think you are to dare to hit me? Have it back!”

Su Manyu had used a lot of force so fingerprints immediately appeared on Ji Qingyuan’s face. Ji Qingyuan was frozen as if he was still too stunned by the fact that Su Manyu had actually slapped him back.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu just watched from the side. Su Manyu was seriously domineering and reality was, Ji Qingyuan was relying on the fact that Su Manyu liked him. He never responded to Su Manyu’s feelings, but whenever something came up, he would order Su Manyu around like Su Manyu was his servant just because she had feelings for him.

When Ji Qingyuan saw how much his girlfriend was suffering and heard that she might be crippled even though Ning Shu and Su Manyu who were in the same dorm were perfectly fine, he took out his anger on Su Manyu.

He couldn’t find the ghost nor did he dare to look for her, but he needed to take his anger out on someone, so he didn’t care if Su Manyu was actually innocent or felt wrongly accused. All he knew was that Lin Qianqian was hurt and he was weary from the ghost bothering him and he need to vent this somehow.

Qianqian and he were suffering so much, but aside from Zhang Yuyan who commited suicide, the rest of the people in the dorm were perfectly fine. This made him feel very irritated.

“Su Manyu, you actually dared to hit me?” Ji Qingyuan gritted his teeth so hard that his cheeks trembled and his handsome face contorted sinisterly.

Su Manyu took a step back. “Why wouldn’t I dare to hit you?”

Su Manyu then turned to Ning Shu. “Zhuang Yutong, beat this shameless bastard up with me!”

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