QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0449

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Chapter 449: Aren’t You Curious About My Wife?

“Zhuang Yutong, you’re finally awake! I thought you got possessed! That freaked me out!” The moment Zhuang Yutong opened her eyes, she saw Su Manyu complaining. However, though she was complaining, her eyes were filled with worry.

“You’re alright, right? You suddenly just fainted.” Su Manyu glanced at her. “What the heck happened?”

Zhuang Yutong still felt dizzy but she said, “I’m fine.”

Su Manyu’s face then filled with schadenfreude as she asked, “Say, should we go visit Lin Qianqian? Didn’t you agree to help bring her some medicine?”

“You can take it to her. I’ll pass, I don’t feel very well,” said Zhuang Yutong.

Su Manyu saw that her face was quite pale so she nodded, took the bag of medicine, and left. Before she left, she said, “Once I get back, I’ll let you know all about how Lin Qianqian’s doing.”

Zhuang Yutong: …

Zhuang Yutong just felt like she had been in a long dream. She remembered everything clearly though, so it also didn’t seem like a dream.

After Su Manyu left, Zhuang Yutong closed her eyes to sleep but knocking sounds came from the door. She climbed down the ladder and opened the door while asking, “Who is it?”

She was stunned by the sight of the person at the door. After a moment of shock, she stammered, “Why are you here?”

It was Ji Qingyuan’s father, Ji Jinyan. Ji Jinyan walked into the dorm and looked directly into Zhuang Yutong’s eyes as he said, “I’ll treat you to dinner.”

“Why?” asked Zhuang Yutong reflexively. They weren’t familiar with each other at all and had only met once. However, he had suddenly came to her dorm to treat her to dinner?

What a joke.

“Just treat it as thanks for your medicine. I heard from Little Su that you were in the dorm. I told you to personally bring the medicine, why didn’t you do so?” Ji Jinyan’s tone was very overbearing.

Zhuang Yutong: …

Was this guy ill?

“Go get changed, I’m treating you to dinner.” Ji Jinyan briefly scanned Zhuang Yutong’s outfit.

“…” This guy was ill, he was ill, he was ill wasn’t he?

Ji Jinyan lifted his wrist and glanced at his watch, then said, “Miss Zhuang, please hurry up a little. My time is very precious.”

Zhuang Yutong: …

Wipes tears. What do I do, I’ve encountered a psycho. Grannie shaman, save me!

“Don’t you have any nice clothes to change into? As thanks for the medicine, I can give you some.” When Ji Jinyan saw the dumbfounded expression on Zhuang Yutong’s face, he said this considerately.

Zhuang Yutong said stiffly, “Please go outside. I’m going to change.”

Ji Jinyan replied ‘en’ and turned to leave. Zhuang Yutong felt an impulse to ram her head against the bed frame. What the heck was with that guy?

Once Zhuang Yutong finished changing and walked out, Ji Jinyan frowned slightly but didn’t say anything.

They walked down the stairs together. When Zhuang Yutong saw the luxurious car parked at the entrance of the dorm and saw everyone’s curious stares, her eyelids twitched.

Ji Jinyan helped her open the door and she got on. However, she felt completely out of place in the car. The interior of the car was just as luxurious as the exterior and there was a nice fragrance in the air. She then glanced down at her clothes.

She decided to never interact with someone like this again, lest she ended up being tormented by her own feelings of inferiority.

Ji Jinyan got into the car. When he saw Zhuang Yutong’s uncomfortable expression, he smiled slightly. “You’ll be able to possess things like this in the future.”

Zhuang Yutong didn’t respond. She was more concerned about why this man had come to see her.

They had dinner at a Western restaurant. Zhuang Yutong was sitting opposite Ji Jinyan and she said mildly, “Sorry, I don’t know the Western dining etiquette.”

Ji Jinyan said, “I can teach you.”

“No need. Mister Ji, I’d like to know why you came to look for me?” Zhuang Yutong got straight to the point. “If you’re like this, I won’t be able to eat.”

Ji Jinyan took a sip of wine while staring fixedly at her. “Your eyes are identical to those of my wife’s. The first time I saw you, I thought that it was her standing in front of me.”

Zhuang Yutong: “Oh.”

Ji Jinyan’s brows lifted. That was it?

“Aren’t you curious about my wife?” asked Ji Jinyan.

Zhuang Yutong: …

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