QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0596

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Chapter 596: In Comparison with Qiao Yi

Mai Douer was restless the entire night, so Ning Shu kept her company the entire night. The next day, Mai Douer looked very haggard and her usually bright eyes were a little dim. It was clear that she hadn’t been able to sleep last night.

“Have some milk.” Ning Shu handed her a cup of warm milk. Mai Douer accepted it with a tired expression and took a sip, then said, “Big Sis Chen, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I feel so restless.”

“It’s fine, just rest up well,” replied Ning Shu mildly.

Ning Shu then generously allowed Mai Douer to rest for a couple more days. After all, Mai Douer’s leg was injured so she couldn’t participate in filming.

Mai Douer was feeling very vexed, but Ning Shu was currently elated.

She had succeeded in temporarily preventing the leads’ fateful first encounter and Qiao Yi’s self-composed song received a good reaction on the internet. There was going to be a talent competition soon and Qiao Yi wanted to try participating in it.

Ning Shu went to apply for this with the company and the company approved, so now the majority of Ning Shu’s time was spent keeping Qiao Yi company at the competition and checking on Xia Yu’s progress in filming the commercial.

She was so busy that her heel could practically hit the back of her head as she rushed around. Compared to the other two newcomers’ flourishing prospects, Mai Douer’s lack of work became a very stark contrast. When Mai Douer saw that the other two were ahead of her, she became extremely anxious.

If those two end up doing well, the manager would spend more of her resources on them. Since this was related to her future prospects, no matter how aloof Mai Douer usually was, she couldn’t help but panic and she ran over to ask Ning Shu if there were any roles for her to play. She wanted some roles right now.

After studying for a period of time, Mai Douer felt that her acting skills had improved so she probably wouldn’t be scolded by the directors anymore.

Ning Shu was currently very busy with handling Qiao Yi’s work. Some of the songs Qiao Yi was using to compete in the competition were her own works. Since she knew how to play the piano and also possessed a naturally calm aura so she went about everything with a composed attitude, she always made a favorable impression. After participating in this talent competition, she had been able to gain quite a few fans.

She had talent and drive, and was growing more and more courageous. She seemed able to surmount all difficulties, so the company has set its sights on her and was preparing to package her as a celebrity. If she obtained a good ranking this time, they’d have her release an album. However, even if a talent releases music, they’d only counted as a singer if their music was able to sell well.

Ning Shu was currently really happy that she finally had a talent she could show off, then Mai Douer appeared with an anxious expression to ask for an acting role, so she told Mai Douer to wait until Qiao Yi’s competition was over first.

Mai Douer became even more unhappy and she bit her lips hard. She felt like this manager was very biased. She helped Qiao Yi sign up for music lessons and even allowed Qiao Yi to participate in a competition. She seriously spent all her resources on Qiao Yi.

Mai Douer was very bitter. They were both this manager’s talents, so why was the manager so biased? The manager only gave her tiring, dirty, and insignificant roles.

Meanwhile, she treated Qiao Yi like a jewel. There was such a huge difference in treatment. Mai Douer felt envious as she watched Ning Shu attentively hand Qiao Yi a towel and water.

In the past, Chen Xi had spent a lot of resources on Mai Douer, but Mai Douer didn’t feel anything and even blamed Chen Xi for always bringing her to these disgusting gatherings. She wanted to act, she just wanted to act! However, now Ning Shu was just acting a tiny bit biased and Mai Douer couldn’t take it anymore.

Ning Shu purposefully treated Mai Douer coldly for a while before taking her to an audition.

Mai Douer gathered up her courage to ask, “Big Sis Chen, can I stop taking those minor roles? I want a slightly better role.”

The minor roles wouldn’t allow her to gain any reputation and they were also very tiring. Qiao Yi had now built a little bit of reputation for herself, but she was still nameless. She wanted to appear on screen in her best state.

Ning Shu looked over and took in the anxiety that was all over Mai Douer’s face. Right now, Mai Douer was in a very unstable emotional state, so she asked, “What kind of role do you want to play?”

Mai Douer bit her lips and said, “Big Sis Chen, I want to take a supporting female lead role.” When Mai Douer saw the astonishment on Ning Shu’s face, she lost confidence and said, “A servant girl or an unimportant role is fine too. I just want to have a chance to show my face.”

Ning Shu sighed, then said, “I’ll do my best to find a role like this for you.

“Thank you, thank you, Big Sis Chen!” Mai Douer’s face lit up with joy as she looked towards Ning Shu with her bright eyes. She was looking forward to the role her manager would find her.

Ning Shu didn’t pay any more attention to her and continued driving towards the filming location. Mai Douer was very excited the entire time as she fanaticized about the kind of role she would get.

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