QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0580

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Chapter 580: Chen Xi’s ‘Peaceful’ Fate

At the same time, she obtained a beautiful romance. She clearly had “life’s winner” written all over her. During this entire time, Mo Juefeng doted on his wife so much that the amount of news about their public displays of affection were enough to blind people.

Normally, since Mai Douer had gotten famous, Chen Xi, as the manager, should’ve also gain some recognition, but things didn’t turn out like that. Mai Douer was very dissatisfied with her manager. It was to the point it could be called loathing, because her manager always had her talents try to take side doors.

Mai Douer detested these methods the most. With the fact that Chen Xi always treated Mai Douer pretty indifferently added on, it made Mai Douer feel that Chen Xi had no morals as a person and was also unfair as a manager.

Mai Douer had only casually complained a little to Mo Juefeng and said that Chen Xi was like an ancient era pimp, but Mo Juefeng remembered these words and Chen Xi ended up being fired by her company. The talents she was managing were transferred to other managers, but none of them were able to make a name for themselves.

After Chen Xi was fired by Waves Media Company, she went to interview at other entertainment companies for the position of talent manager, but no company would hire her. Chen Xi finally realized that she must have offended someone, and eventually someone told her that it was Mo Entertainment Group’s chairman that had her blacklisted.

She couldn’t do anything in the entertainment circles anymore.

Chen Xi wanted to know why and when she saw Mo Juefeng and Mai Douer holding hands, she immediately realized why.

Mai Douer looked down on female actresses who gave up all dignity to cling to someone influential and would go to any lengths in order to get a role in a movie, but how was Mai Douer currently any different? The sole difference was that Mai Douer was serving only one person.

And it was also crowned with the name of love. Mo Juefeng did things for Mai Douer out of love, so it wasn’t a dirty exchange.

Because it was love, everything was justified.

Chen Xi was infuriated, so she impulsively exposed what happened between Mai Douer and Mo Juefeng, saying that Mai Douer was Mo Juefeng’s mistress.

Of course, after doing this, she had no way of staying here anymore. Just as she was getting ready to leave Jiangcheng, she was caught by some hoodlums and assaulted by them. After being locked up in a windowless room, Chen Xi fell into complete despair. She killed one of the hoodlums with a fruit knife, and then was stabbed to death by the other hoodlums. Her corpse was thrown into the sea to be eaten by the fish.

This was the ‘peace and prosperity’ the system was talking about? What the fudge? The original host was murdered in the end, but it still counted as a peaceful world?

The original host’s wishes: 1. She didn’t want to die because of Mai Douer and Mo Juefeng again. She wanted the aloof Mai Douer to completely fall from grace. It was best if Mai Douer could be made to struggle at the very bottom level of the entertainment circles. She’d like to see how Mai Douer could still look down on others in such an arrogant manner at that time! 2. …if it was possible to also get revenge on Mo Juefeng, she was willing to give up three-fourths of her soul.

Chen Xi’s second wish showed that she understood the large disparity between her own status and Mo Juefeng’s. One was a very ordinary manager while the other was pretty much the prince of Jiangcheng, the overlord whose words easily caused the entertainment circles to tremble.

If it could be completed, there would be more points, but it was fine it if couldn’t be completed. Most of the firepower in this task was directed towards Mai Douer.

In regards to this storyline, all Ning Shu could do was look up towards the sky. She should’ve increased her martial arts after all. As for the fact that Chen Xi ended up being raped by hoodlums, it was obvious that someone had been behind it. It was probably done at Mo Juefeng’s indication.

Someone like Mo Juefeng could get people to do things for him easily just by taking out a stack of money.

Ning Shu reached towards the side and grabbed a tissue to wipe her runny nose. She sat on the bed to start meditating only to discover that the spirit energy in this world was sparse to the point it made people want to lift their middle fingers. She was only able to make a tiny bit of energy form in her dantian.

Although it was only a little bit, it still managed to make her entire body feel lighter. Her body was covered with sweat, but she didn’t feel as dizzy as before. The only thing was, now she felt hungry.

After washing up, she headed to the kitchen to search for food. In the fridge, she found takeout. She sniffed it and it didn’t smell like it had gone bad, so she decided to make this dinner.

As she ate dinner, she looked through her phone. There were some messages of concern asking if she was feeling better, mostly from the talents she was managing.

Ning Shu didn’t reply to those messages. After she had dinner, she took out the original host’s notebook to look through it since many important things were recorded in it.

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