QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0534

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Chapter 534: Return of the Head-Smasher Ning Shu!

This was what happened when you were inexperienced. And most most most importantly, when an unreliable system was with you.

The lightning wind eagle’s speed had increased greatly and it flew far away from the ocean in just a few moments.

Ning Shu patted its wing to have it land.

She walked for a while but didn’t encounter anyone. When she encountered spirit herbs and more precious natural resources, she made sure to gather them even when there was a spirit beast guarding it since she had been wanting to test her strength.

Then, she ran into an extensive vine system that had spirit fruit growing on it, but there was a fierce berserker bear guarding it.

As Ning Shu looked at the large bear, she could feel her confidence fading. However, she still revolved her energy and attacked the berserker bear with her sword. The berserker bear was infuriated and lifted its large palm to swat Ning Shu.

However, Ning Shu’s blade actually pierced straight through the bear’s palm.

It probably wasn’t due to the spirit weapon. Ning Shu tried clenching her fist. It felt like her entire body was filled with energy. She jumped up from the ground and tightened her fist as she punched towards the berserker bear’s head.

The berserker bear’s instantly exploded like a crushed watermelon and stinky blood mixed with gray brain matter splattered all over Ning Shu’s face.

Ning Shu was stunned. She was now a Hercules! Her power was amazingly strong!

She only snapped out of her shock when the berserker bear fell to the ground, making a loud boom. This was good. She could only stand her ground in front of the male lead if she had high combat strength.

The lightning wind eagle worked hard and helped Ning Shu pick the spirit fruits. After doing so, it obediently handed all of them to her. Ning Shu took the spirit fruit and placed them in her storage pouch.

She didn’t know how much time had passed since the dungeon had first opened. She was a little worried that she would end up trapped in this dungeon.

Ning Shu walked for a little while more but still didn’t encounter anyone, so she caught two irontooth rabbits and roasted them for dinner.

The lightning wind eagle stood nearby and carefully observed the surroundings for any signs of danger.

Ning Shu could sense that the lightning wind eagle had become much more intelligent after it ate the intelligence pill. In addition, since Ning Shu’s strength had increased, the lightning wind eagle now accepted her fully as its master. The emotions the lightning wind eagle conveyed to Ning Shu was that it was very grateful to her and respected her.

When the intelligence pill was brought up, Ning Shu’s awkwardness illness flared up again. It was seriously too humiliating.

After eating one pretty much flavorless irontooth rabbit, Ning Shu picked at her teeth. As expected of a spirit beast, its meat was really tough. Ning Shu tossed the other one to the lightning wind eagle.

Suddenly, she heard the sounds of chaotic footsteps. This meant that there were still people in the celestial residence and that the force field hadn’t closed yet.

The lightning wind eagle immediately closed its beak around the roasted rabbit, then arched its neck upwards to swallowed it with one gulp. Ning Shu couldn’t help but stretch out her neck in the same motion and swallow hard.

Wasn’t it worried about indigestion, eating like this?

Four people who looked very worn out ran over with panicked expressions like something terrifying was chasing after them.

However, these four were familiar people. They were disciples of Heavenly Law Sect. There had clearly been six people, but now there were only four. There were only two men and two women left. It was probably because they encountered more danger than fortune.

When Liu Qinyang saw Ning Shu, he reflexively exclaimed, “You’re still alive!?” Liu Qinyang was sincerely shocked. This dungeon was extremely dangerous. Not only were there a lot of spirit beasts, one had to guard against other people’s attacks too.

That was why Liu Qinyang did a double take when he saw Ning Shu. Someone with such crappy aptitude had actually managed to survive?

When the other three disciples saw Ning Shu, expressions of disappointment appeared on their faces. They had thought it would be someone strong, but it was the infamous trash of their sect.

“What’s chasing after you guys?” asked Ning Shu.

Liu Qinyang looked at the lightning wind eagle that seemed to have become bigger than before with bright eyes. When he heard what Ning Shu was asking, he hastily said, “Junior Brother, there are ironback wolves chasing after us. Can your lightning wind eagle get us out of here?”

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