QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0426

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Chapter 426: Finding a Scapegoat

Then the bed frame started to fall towards Lin Qianqian’s head. Su Manyu covered her mouth in horror as if she could already see the scene of Lin Qianqian’s head breaking open. Ning Shu immediately revolved her internal energy and hastily pushed the bed frame to stop it from falling.

The shaking stopped, but the dorm was a mess. Ning Shu lifted the mattress that was crushing Lin Qianqian’s legs. From the looks of it, Lin Qianqian’s bones were completely broken.

“Give Ji Qingyuan a call.” Ning Shu shook her head. It seemed like this ghost hated Lin Qianqian quite a lot. It was always possessing Lin Qianqian and trying to kill her.

After Su Manyu called Ji Qingyuan, he hastily rushed over. When he saw that Lin Qianqian was tied up and on the ground, her cast completely shattered, he immediately went over and untied her. As he hugged her, he demanded answers from Su Manyu. “What were you guys doing? How could you treat Qianqian like this!?”

“How did her cast break? Why did you guys tie her up?” Ji Qingyuan furrowed his brows and his expression turned very unfriendly.

Su Manyu was taken aback by this onslaught of questions, but she immediately refuted, “She got possessed, should we have just let her go? Being possessed isn’t good for her health either. What do you expect us to do? You’re so hard to please, just take your Lin Qianqian and leave already! You blame everything on us!”

“Enough! Ji Qingyuan, I’ve frickin’ been bearing with you this entire time! Is it ‘cause of that that you think I’m easy to bully?” Su Manyu now waved without any trace of politeness. “Scram, get out of here, scram!”

Ji Qingyuan’s face turned red from anger. “You’re causing a fuss for no reason.”

“You’re the one causing a fuss for no reason, your entire family’s causing a fuss for no reason!” shouted Su Manyu.

Ji Qingyuan left, carrying Lin Qianqian. Su Manyu turned towards Ning Shu angrily and complained, “Who’s the one causing a fuss? The person causing a fuss for no reason is actually accusing someone else of causing a fuss for no reason!”

“Frick! Why do I always have to endure such stupid things whenever something happens that’s related to Lin Qianqian?” Su Manyu’s entire face was contorted.

Ning Shu sneered. “Because you like Ji Qingyuan ah. Ji Qingyuan likes Lin Qianqian but you’re indignant, you can’t accept it. That’s why you’re always so gloomy all the time. Just watching you feels gross.”

Su Manyu: “Zhuang Yutong, do you want to die? Would you die if you don’t mock me? Would you?”

Ning Shu: “I would.”

Su Manyu: …

Meanwhile, Ji Qingyuan had brought Lin Qianqian to the hospital. The results of the X-ray were pretty much as Ning Shu had expected. Lin Qianqian’s legs were crushed to the point the bones were broken and her lower legs were swollen to the point they were bigger than her thighs. There was even a chance that she would go lame.

As Ji Qingyuan took in how pale Lin Qianqian looked, he couldn’t suppress his anger and went to the dorm to find Su Manyu. The moment he saw her, he slapped her. Su Manyu was stunned and stared blankly at him in bewilderment.

“Why are you hitting people?” Ning Shu revolved her energy and shoved Ji Qingyuan, sending him crashing to the ground. Ji Qingyuan groaned in pain. His butt felt like it was splitting open and his tailbone felt crushed.

This woman was really strong. Ning Shu glanced at Ji Qingyuan contemptfully. “What kind of man hits a woman?”

Su Manyu snapped out of it as well and looked at Ji Qingyuan with hurt in her eyes. “Why are you hitting me for no reason? Ji Qingyuan, don’t take things too far!”

Ji Qingyuan got up, enduring the pain, and replied coldly, “Su Manyu, how can you do this to Qianqian? You’ve already pushed her down the stairs but you also had to smash her leg with a mattress? She might even go lame now. Su Manyu, I’m blind to have trusted you. I never thought that you would actually be this ruthless.”

“What did I do? I didn’t do anything! You’re completely slandering me! The ghost was the one that did this to her, what are you blaming me for? If it weren’t for the fact that we saved her, she would’ve already died.”

“Ghost? A ghost again? I wasn’t present, so who would know if you guys aren’t using the ghost as an excuse to harm Qianqian?” Ji Qingyuan glared at them. “You guys did this and you’re pushing it off onto the ghost.”

“Ji Qingyuan, what nonsense are you saying? When did I ever do something like this?”

“Didn’t you push Qianqian down the stairs before?” said Ji Qingyuan coldly.

“I didn’t push her at all! She fell down herself!” Su Manyu was indignant because she really hadn’t done it.

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