QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0562

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Chapter 562: Unexpectedly Strong Martial Arts

The golden dragon in her dantian swam around like a real dragon. After a while, she took out another spirit essence crystal that was about the size of a fingernail and swallowed it. Spirit energy immediately surged out and rushed towards her dantian like it was about to pierce through it.

The golden dragon swimming in her dantian excitedly absorbed the spirit energy. Once it absorbed all of it, it exploded.

Ning Shu was stupefied. Why did it suddenly explode? Did its stomach burst from all the spirit energy?

Although the golden dragon had exploded, Ning Shu wasn’t injured. The particles of light that burst out with the explosion rushed out of her dantian and into every corner of her body. She could practically feel her cells devouring this energy.

She clenched her fist and found that her strength seemed to have increased again. She tried hitting the table lightly and the sturdy table instantly collapsed under the blow.

Her entire body was filled with power. This seemingly low-leveled martial arts manual had finally showed its extraordinary strength due to being in a suitable cultivation world.

Ning Shu had never paid much attention to this martial arts manual. When she first found it, she only got a hundred points for trading it in, so she thought that it was pretty worthless. She had continued practicing it, but she never expected it to be so powerful.

From now on, she was going to continue training in this martial arts even if she was in a world where the natural rules limited her strength. If she could make herself even a little stronger, it would be easier to protect herself.

Ning Shu continued training and a new strand of energy gradually formed in her body. Once that energy formed, she took out another spirit essence crystal and swallowed it. The energy form instantly absorbed all the spirit energy.

She was training without even taking a step out of the room, so she didn’t know about any of the things that had happened in the outside world. When Old Man Wei finished with his secluded training, he came to find her.

When Ning Shu saw Old Man Wei, for a moment she thought that Old Man Wei’s cultivation had been destroyed. There was currently no trace of primordial energy around Old Man Wei, nor did he give off his usual imposing aura. He now seemed like a completely ordinary person.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you? Your training failed?” asked Ning Shu in concern. This strong dad was her biggest backing ah.

Old Man Wei snapped, “Why’re you assuming that I failed? I’ve successfully broken through the bottleneck and am now returning to the true natural state. Stinkin’ brat, the people outside are completely flipping out. I never knew that my son was actually that amazing.”

Ning Shu lifted her brows. “What happened?”

“The disciples that came back from the dungeon told me that you were able to fight on equal grounds with Iridescent Sect’s Xie Yu? When did you get so strong?” asked Old Man Wei.

Ning Shu answered proudly, “I just have a lot of physical strength, hahaha.”

“Cultivation should be your focus. What’s the use in having large physical strength?” Old Man Wei sized up his son. “Let me see how strong you are.”

Ning Shu followed Old Man Wei out of the room, then clenched her fist and revolved the energy in her dantian to punch Old Man Wei with all her strength. Old Man Wei directly caught Ning Shu’s fist and was forced back a few steps.

Shock appeared on his face. His son’s strength was completely beyond what he had predicted.

Ning Shu retrieved her fist with a smug smile. Right now, she was treating her own body as a weapon. Her body was the strongest weapon there was.

Old Man Wei smiled as well, but then he tried to force it down and replace it with a stern expression. “It’s not enough to just have physical strength. It works for close range battles, but what if your opponent uses long range attacks? You still have to work hard and cultivate.”

Ning Shu nodded. “I got it. I’ll definitely work hard.”

“Dad, what’s happened outside?” asked Ning Shu. Why were people flipping out?

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