QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0532

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Chapter 532: Return of the Unsurpassable Martial Arts!

Just as Ning Shu thought that her body was really going to explode, the dragon formed by the Unsurpassable Martial Arts started rapidly absorbing the spirit energy. The dragon grew larger and seemed about to take over her entire dantain.

However, as it continued absorbing the energy, its body gradually became smaller until it condensed into a small golden dragon. As it swam inside her dantian, it seemed just like a real dragon.

All of the spirit energy from the spirit essence had been absorbed, not a scrap remained.

Ning Shu was dumbstruck. She never thought that this power was so strong. She had obtained the Unsurpassable Martial Arts when she was counter attacking for a princess. It had been something she obtained from a low level plane and it had such a ridiculous name. She had only used it because she didn’t have anything better. She hadn’t expected for the Unsurpassable Martial Arts to actually be this powerful.

It was way outside of her expectations. As expected, the most simple and low-level things could still become extremely powerful if you trained in those skills enough.

Wei Liangyue’s cultivation manual was supposed to be way better than the Unsurpassable Martial Arts, but in the end, it was the Unsurpassable Martial Arts’s energy that saved her life.

The lightning wind eagle flew around above Ning Shu’s head while crying out worriedly. If Ning Shu died, it would die too.

Ning Shu felt like her entire body was filled with energy. Even though the kelp was pulling at her, she was able to get onto the shore easily. Kelp-sama still wanted to haul Ning Shu down to the sea, but Ning Shu was able to pull the kelp off easily this time.

She could now fight back. Hahaha!

A strong grievance-filled emotion came from Kelp-sama’s consciousness. Ning Shu had it soak in the sea water, then she took out a piece of spirit essence crystal and scraped it a little. She then placed the powder in the lightning wind eagle’s mouth. The lightning wind eagle immediately started screeching towards the sky while trembling uncontrollably. The feathers on its body rapidly fell off and it quickly became a big, naked turkey. It looked much skinnier compared to before.

Ning Shu was shocked. What the fudge was this? Why did all its feathers fall off? When it occurred to Ning Shu that she would have to ride this thing in the future, she became very depressed.

However, soon new feathers appeared on the lightning wind eagle. The color of the new feathers were deeper than the ones before and its defensive strength was much higher.

The lightning wind eagle rubbed its head against Ning Shu to express its joy, but Ning Shu immediately pushed its head away. It wanted to act cute and spoiled with such a sinister face and sharp beak? Get the frick away!

Now Ning Shu was a little scared of spirit pets trying to act affectionate due to Kelp-sama.

“System 2333-sama, since you’ve taken so much of the kelp’s spirit essence, can you give this kelp some intelligence. I’m exhausted,” said Ning Shu.

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