QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0470

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Chapter 470: Huo Qing’s One Visit

“Your Imperial Highness, Madame sent a message saying that she wanted to come to the palace to take a look at the little prince.” Qing Zhu whispered this quietly in Ning Shu’s ear.

Ning Shu waved dismissively. “Tell them not to send messages to the palace for now. For the time being, don’t let any of the womenfolk into the palace. Qingyan will stay in the palace. Right now, Chengwang really needs someone to keep him company. Tell Mother not to worry and that this empress will protect Qingyan.”

Qing Zhu’s face was filled with worry as she walked out.

After having breakfast, Xiao Qingyan came back to wait for his little cousin to wake up.

Some consorts and concubines came by to greet Ning Shu, but she wasn’t in the mood to see them.

They brought a lot of things, but Ning Shu had Qing Zhu directly stuff them into the storage without even taking a look at them.

When it was afternoon, Huo Qing finally found out that his son had fallen sick and came over with a cold expression. Ning Shu felt her balls ache when she saw this. Once again, if he didn’t want to come, why come!?

Huo Qing demanded, “Why didn’t you tell us that Chengwang had fallen ill?” If it weren’t for the fact that this empress’s father had asked about the little prince’s health, he wouldn’t have known that Huo Chengwang had fallen ill.

Huo Qing felt like his dignity was being provoked. He was the master of the imperial palace, but others had actually found out about matters in his family sooner than him.

How could outsiders be allowed to know about what happened in the imperial palace? What did they treat his imperial palace as?

When Ning Shu heard what Huo Qing said, her jaw dropped. She had never seen such a shameless person before. He had scared his own son to the point that he fell ill, and now he had the nerve to come interrogate her?

Ning Shu was inwardly cursing, but she maintained an exhausted but flustered expression. “Chengwang started having a fever very late last night, so this subject wife didn’t want to bother Your Majesty.”

“Then you should’ve sent someone to tell us in the morning.” Huo Chengwang was annoyed because he had been dumbfounded when his father-in-law suddenly asked about this.

Ning Shu said mildly, “This subject wife hadn’t slept at all last night so this subject wife’s head is a little muddled. It was this subject wife’s mistake for forgetting to send someone to notify Your Majesty.”

Huo Qing’s next words got stuck in his throat, so he sat down by the bed to look at Huo Chengwang who was now asleep. “How is he now?”

“He’s much better,” said Ning Shu.

Huo Qing’s expression was displeased as he said, “Despite being our child, he actually fell ill just because of a little incident like this? How can he have the right to be our son like this?”

Ning Shu: My holy fuck…

The fudge? He spoke like his son wasn’t a person, that he wasn’t made of blood and flesh, and that he wouldn’t feel hurt. In the end, it was just that he didn’t care about him.

If it was the little fox and his child on the bed right now, he would probably be shouting for the imperial physician to be beheaded.

Ning Shu’s lips twitched, but she forced herself to remain calm. “This subject wife will take good care of Chengwang.”

Huo Qing stayed for a little while and left. It hadn’t even been long enough to brew a pot of tea. He was probably going to find the little fox so that the little fox wouldn’t get angry.

Even with Ning Shu looking after Huo Chengwang day and night along with Xiao Qingyan’s company, it still took a full month for Huo Chengwang to recover. After such a tiring month, Ning Shu felt like she had gotten thinner from fatigue.

Huo Qing came a grand total of once. It was seriously so cold. He even treated his own child this coldly. However, Huo Chengwang didn’t ask about whether his imperial father had visited again.

Ning Shu felt that Huo Chengwang had changed a lot. He wasn’t as lively as before and didn’t want to play as much. Even when Ning Shu didn’t say anything, he would study of his own accord. Ning Shu would often talk to Huo Chengwang about life. Before, she had been trying to get Huo Chengwang to study, but now she was trying to get Huo Chengwang to pay attention to keeping a balance between work and rest.

It was sure hard to be a mom.

#comment: My mom’s the same~ Ever since late high school/I started translating, she makes everyone stop bothering me when I take a break to sleep or play games.

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