QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0584

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Chapter 584: I Want to Become a Good Actress

Ning Shu was pretty satisfied with Qiao Yi. Compared to Mai Douer, Qiao Yi was clearly way more sensible. She was a very intelligent girl.

Qiao Yi, Mai Douer, and Xia Yi were the only talents that Ning Shu needed to worry about. The other two were already seasoned veterans of the entertainment circles and understood all the necessary rules. It was that they just couldn’t get popular. They were good enough to earn money, but they were actresses that couldn’t earn big sums.

So the original host Chen Xi didn’t have any talents under her that could boost her reputation.

When Chen Xi first saw Mai Douer, she wanted to make Mai Douer her trump card and the actress she would be known for discovering.

If things had gone smoothly, Chen Xi would’ve counted as Chen Xi’s talent scout, but sadly, their views on things didn’t match up and there was no way for them to work with each other. Chen Xi had already spent many years in the entertainment circles so she was very familiar with the rules. Meanwhile, Mai Douer was a very young lady and had pretty low EQ, so she was very unhappy with her manager.

It was no wonder Chen Xi eventually didn’t want to promote Mai Douer anymore. Mai Douer had the makings of being an ungrateful white-eyed wolf.

Ning Shu told Qiao Yi not to worry about other things and focus on studying. Qiao Yi said to Ning Shu, “It’s fine that there are less courses. When I have time, I can pick up some work so that things won’t be so difficult for you, Big Sis Chen.”

See? This was what a smart person was like.

Ning Shu nodded. With this, the interests of both sides were taken care of.

The next day, before Ning Shu even got out of bed, the doorbell rang. When Ning Shu opened the door, she found that it was Mai Douer. Mai Douer was wearing a white dress that emphasized the beautiful curve of her waist. With her clean and cute looks added on, she seemed like a fresh lily.

Mai Douer had dressed up seriously. The first thing she said when she saw Ning Shu was, “Big Sis Chen, you said yesterday that you’d bring me to an audition today.”

Ning Shu lifted her wrist to check the time. It was only six am, this girl was sure impatient. She replied mildly, “There’s no rush. The audition isn’t until nine.”

Mai Douer looked a little impatient, but she controlled herself. After entering the house, she sat on the sofa in a reserved manner and watched as Ning Shu unhurriedly worked on making breakfast.

“Do you know how to make breakfast?” asked Ning Shu. She just realized that she didn’t know how to cook. Despite having experienced several worlds, she still hadn’t [get] this ability.

Mai Douer shook her head to indicate that she didn’t know how to cook either. In the end, Ning Shu made some fruit juice and had some milk. During this entire process, Mai Douer just stared straight at Ning Shu with her bright and clear eyes. It was clearly such an innocent gaze, but it tickled people’s hearts.

It was no wonder that Mo Juefeng, who had gotten so used to seeing the dark and dirty parts of the entertainment circles ended up falling for Mai Douer. Some people seemed pure based just on their looks.

After breakfast, Ning Shu took Mai Douer to the filming location. As Mai Douer sat in the front passenger seat, she asked Ning Shu nervously, “Big Sis Chen, what kind of role am I auditioning for?”

“What kind of role are you hoping to audition for? You’ve just entered the acting circle so you probably wouldn’t be able to get any important roles. Everything must be done step by step,” said Ning Shu mildly.

When Mai Douer saw how indifferent Ning Shu looked, she felt a little unhappy. “I can accept any role, but Big Sis Chen, I don’t want to take those kinds of roles.”

“Those kinds of roles? What do you mean?” As Ning Shu turned the steering wheel, she glanced over and saw that Mai Douer’s face was red.

“Those erotic roles.” Mai Douer bit her lips. “Big Sis Chen, I want to become a good actress. I don’t want to sell myself.”

Ning Shu nodded. “I’ve never considered having you take these kinds of roles either. You’re a complete newcomer, so the roles you get may be very tiring.”

Mai Douer hastily nodded and said excitedly, “Big Sis Chen, I’m not afraid of suffering. I’m willing to take the suffering.”

Ning Shu replied ‘en.’ When they got to the filming location, Ning Shu asked the director to add a minor character, saying that any minor character would work. The director glanced at Mai Douer, then directly gave her the role of a female beggar.

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