QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0553

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Chapter 553: Perfect Chance to Throw Stones

Finally, Ning Shu reached an agreement with the system. She gave him the primal chaos stone and he agreed to bring her to the place where planes were nurtured.

Xie Yu was still fighting with the ghost. As of now, not only was he vomiting blood, blood was flowing out of his eyes. It was obvious that he was fighting an intense battle.

A gray spirit was inside Xie Yu’s spirit consciousness and arrogantly demanding that Xie Yu handed over his body. He wanted to use Xie Yu’s body to establish a legend like never before. However, Xie Yu was a very proud and unyielding person and naturally refused to give up his body. He wanted to kill this old monster, then wrestle control of the celestial residence.

Xie Yu tilted his head and roared, “You want to take over my body!? Keep dreaming! Die already!”

Xie Yu coughed a mouthful of blood. His face twisted sinisterly and the veins on his forehead bulged due to the agony he was experiencing.

When Ning Shu saw him like this, she felt like this was the perfect chance to throw some more stones down the well, so she quickly punched towards his head. Liu Yuanyuan immediately moved to help Xie Yu block the attack, but Xie Yu was still hit and coughed another mouthful of blood.

Xie Yu looked towards Ning Shu with his bloody red eyes, his gaze filled with hatred. Due to this momentary distraction, he was injured by the ghost and coughed out another mouthful of blood. His face lost a lot of color and he had to shove a pill into his mouth.

“Wei Liangyue, you actually dared to attack Senior Brother Xie!?” Yan Jiao pointed her whip at Ning Shu indignantly. “Big pervert, you actually dared to harm my senior brother!? I’ll beat you until you wish you were dead!”

Liu Yuanyuan wiped off the blood at the corners of her lips, then looked towards Ning Shu darkly. “You’re courting death.”

When Ning Shu saw that Liu Yuanyuan was still doing her all to protect Xie Yu even though she had been injured, she was a little surprised. Liu Yuanyuan had barely known Xie Yu for a day, but she was already this devoted to him?

Wasn’t this developing a little too fast?

Liu Yuanyuan was the seductive and scheming type, so it made no sense for her to become so devoted to someone so quickly.

In reality, Liu Yuanyuan harbored her own selfish designs. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to obtain the celestial residence and she had a feeling that Xie Yu would be able to, so her only option right now was to help him in order to gain some of the benefits. And then there was also the fact that, for some reason, she had a favorable impression of Xie Yu.

Shi Huidi walked over and said coldly, “All treasures have their fated owners. You weren’t able to obtain the celestial residence earlier, but Junior Brother Xie seems to have hope at obtaining the celestial residence. If you plan to interfere, you’ll have to get through us first.”

Ning Shu now experienced firsthand what was meant by the more people, the more power. She looked at the three women with high cultivations in front of her that were protecting Xie Yu.

“Wei Liangyue, I’ll definitely kill you,” said Xie Yu darkly even as he coughed out blood.

“Look, he admitted himself that he wants to kill me. There’s no way I can just sit and wait for death. Any normal person would try to kill off the beast while it’s injured,” said Ning Shu with a candid laugh even as she clenched her fist to punch Shi Huidi.

She had been wanting to get revenge. When she first got to this world, Shi Huidi had sure done her in good.

Shi Huidi was aware of his strength since she had seen him kick down the two stone lions at the entrance. She took out her sash to try and bind Ning Shu’s movements, but Ning Shu caught the sash and yanked it, causing Shi Huidi to be flung out hard.

Shi Huidi crashed into the wall, then fell to the ground, coughing so much blood that it soaked through her sash.

“Senior Sister!” cried Yan Jiao. She ran over to help Shi Huidi up. Shi Huidi took a few pills, then started meditating to heal the injuries.

Yan Jiao’s eyes were red. She wanted to yell at Ning Shu, but when she met Ning Shu’s stern glower, her tone weakened into a pouty shout, “How can you treat Senior Sister like this!?”

Ning Shu was too lazy to bother with her. Yan Jiao was seriously naive and ignorant about the ways of the world. Although she was lively and cute, she always did things according to her own desires. Yan Jiao was always shouting for Xie Yu to kill her, but now she had the nerve to make such an accusatory expression. Could it be that she should indulge Shi Huidi just because Shi Huidi was once her fiancée?

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