QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0571

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Chapter 571: Blood Refinement School’s Sand City

Xie Yu was currently window-shopping with Liu Yuanyuan. When he heard this familiar voice, he almost thought that it was a hallucination.

When he turned around and saw Ning Shu, his eyes immediately turned red from hatred. “Wei Liangyue, you actually showed up to die?”

Liu Yuanyuan smiled charmingly towards Ning Shu, but her eyes were filled with malicious excitement. She obviously still remembered the time when Ning Shu had beaten her up while they were in the dungeon.

“Disciple of Heavenly Law Sect, welcome to our Blood Refinement School’s Sand City. As host, I’ll definitely look after you well,” said Liu Yuanyuan with a sweet smile. Her beauty was like a rose blossoming with blood.

Ning Shu paid no attention to Liu Yuanyuan’s threat and looked towards Xie Yu to ask, “Huh? The little tigress isn’t with you? Did you kill her?”

Yan Jiao had left with Xie Yu even though Xie Yu was betraying the sect. She had been dead set on staying with Xie Yu and didn’t even bother to consider how her actions would affect her old man’s position in Iridescent Sect. She was just that willful.

However, Yan Jiao actually wasn’t with Xie Yu right now and Xie Yu was actually with Liu Yuanyuan.

Xie Yu was a very passionate person. When he wanted to obtain a woman, he would be especially good to the woman. With his exceptional talent at cultivation and his handsome looks added on, it was very hard for women to resist him.

When Ning Shu didn’t see Yan Jiao, she immediately jumped to the conclusion that Xie Yu had gotten tired of the little tigress and had abandoned her.

When Xie Yu saw that Ning Shu’s first words were about Yan Jiao, he was infuriated and replied coldly, “Yan Jiao’s my woman. What are you asking about her for?”

Ning Shu replied mildly, “I just can’t get used to the sight of you trying to sleep with every woman you see. Have some integrity, alright?”

“Haha, Wei Liangyue, stop joking. You’re a pervert that’s already trampled countless women, but you’re actually lecturing me? I’m different from you.”

Xie Yu spoke coldly with an expression of complete contempt.

Ning Shu asked with her eyes wide, “It’s different? Isn’t the end goal still just to sleep with a woman? You’re just using love as a reason to make them willing to sleep with you.”

Xie Yu: …

Xie Yu was actually stumped by these words, so he clenched his fists angrily. “Let me see if you’ve made any progress during this time.”

Ning Shu had been wanting to fight with Xie Yu from the start. Once you knew yourself and understood your enemy, only then would you be able to come out unscathed through a hundred battles. She also wanted to see how much stronger Xie Yu has become.

They attacked at the same time, first starting with close range fighting. Xie Yu discovered that Wei Liangyue’s physical strength had increased greatly again. It was to the point that he couldn’t really hold up, so he quickly moved back around twenty feet and revolved the primordial energy in his body to send an attack towards Ning Shu.

Ning Shu made a shield with her primordial energy to block Xie Yu’s attack. When Xie Yu’s attack hit the shield, Ning Shu felt the blood in her chest boil from the force of the attack and almost coughed blood.

As she had thought, she couldn’t beat Xie Yu just with cultivation since her talent still couldn’t compare to Xie Yu’s.

“You two, this is Sand City, fighting isn’t allowed within the city. Disciple of Heavenly Law Sect, are you trying to make our Blood Refinement School your enemy?” said Liu Yuanyuan coldly.

Ning Shu spat in her direction. “Adulterer.”

“You…” Liu Yuanyuan was so furious that her facial muscles trembled.

Xie Yu glanced back at Ning Shu one last time coldly, then pulled Liu Yuanyuan and left. Ning Shu coughed softly, then revolved her energy as she prepared to head back to the inn.

When she turned around, she saw that Yan Jiao was watching her from nearby. Actually, to be accurate, she was looking at Xie Yu and Liu Yuanyuan’s back figures.

When she noticed that Ning Shu was looking at her, she bit her lips conflictedly, but ultimately chose to walk over.

Ning Shu only noticed that Yan Jiao’s face was very pale and filled with signs of exhaustion when Yan Jiao got closer. It seemed like her days with Xie Yu hadn’t been going well.

The first thing that came out of her mouth was taunting. “You don’t feel angry seeing your own man with another woman? Where’d that temper of yours go?”

Yan Jiao’s eyes were red and she had to bite her lips hard to stop herself from crying. When she heard what Ning Shu said, she felt even more pity for herself. She was completely alone here, so even though this person was the big pervert she loathed the most, she still wanted to talk to him.

“What are you crying for? You chose this yourself. Since you’ve chosen this road, even if you have to crawl, you have to walk ‘til the end.” Ning Shu didn’t bother to be polite at all.

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