QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0435

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Chapter 435: Have to Wait Until Yang Energy is the Greatest

The reason Ji Qingyuan kept patiently trying to convince Lin Qianqian to go back to the hospital was because he was worried that Lin Qianqian would get injured again in the dorm and her legs would end up not being able to recover. However, Lin Qianqian was about to fall apart from the fear and didn’t want to stay in the hospital anymore.

Her nerves were very high strung. Her legs were injured and she wasn’t sure of Ji Qingyuan’s feelings, so all these things weighed on her mind so much she could barely take it anymore.

She couldn’t help but wonder why this ghost kept bothering her, only her? Why didn’t it bother the other people in the dorm so that everyone could be frightened and scared together?

“Why didn’t you guys exorcise this ghost? Didn’t you guys find a Daoist priest?” asked Ning Shu.

His own girlfriend had already been tormented so much, so why wasn’t he exorcising the ghost?

Ji Qingyuan originally wanted to ignore Ning Shu, but he needed them to look after his girlfriend so he said, “The priest said that the exorcism needs to take place when the yang energy is greatest. At that time, the ghost will be weaker.”

Ning Shu: …

Could it be that they didn’t know the ghost was capable of swallowing other spirits? That it was capable of strengthening its own soul?

The longer they delayed things, the more the ghost will recover and more people will die.

Could it be that things had to be like the original storyline? She and Su Manyu had to die so that Lin Qianqian was the only one left before the priest would finally act?

Ning Shu was alarmed. This was the storyline ah. It seemed that they had to be more careful so that they didn’t die like in the original storyline. She had to help Zhuang Yutong survive this period. If she died, her task would be a failure.

Ji Qingyuan looked at Ning Shu sincerely. “Please help me look after Qianqian. I’m a guy so it’s not good for me to keep entering the girl’s dorm.”

Ji Qingyuan’s eyes were very beautiful. They were deep with bits of glimmer like stars. When he looked at you, you would feel like you were his whole world. However, Ning Shu was just thinking that this was the guy who told Song Ming, that disgusting guy, to try and trick her.

Ning Shu didn’t have any good impressions of this guy and said directly, “I’m going with Manyu to switch dorms.”

Ji Qingyuan’s face contorted. He felt wronged. He had already humbled himself, but she still rejected his request.

Su Manyu pulled Ning Shu right out to find the teacher and they ended up being placed in the neighboring room.

Ning Shu thought about it, then said, “Why don’t we stay after all? We’re being haunted by a ghost. What if after we switch rooms, the ghost starts haunting other people in the dorm?”

“That wouldn’t happen, right? The ghost’s just haunting the four of us so it probably wouldn’t kill the other girls?”

Ning Shu shook her head. Who would know for sure? This ghost was clearly a malevolent ghost. How could a ghost that swallowed other spirits have any morals to speak of?

Ning Shu was here to counterattack for someone, but she couldn’t implicate innocent people. Every person’s life was precious. Any conduct that took another’s life for no reason was cruel.

Su Manyu finally said, “A person must take responsibility for their own actions. Let’s go back after all.”

In the end, Ning Shu and Su Manyu headed back. Lin Qianqian was very surprised to see them.

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