QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0489

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Chapter 489: This is Jin Ling

Ning Shu felt that Huo Qing hadn’t gone to participate in the harvest, he had probably gone to have a honeymoon with the little fox. He had abandoned this palace of women and gone off to have fun.

And she had to stay in the palace to help Huo Qing manage this palace’s women? The fudge?

Ning Shu felt like committing regicide again.

Ning Shu didn’t pay attention to Huo Qing’s matters and just kept Huo Chengwang company as he studied. There were some things that were difficult to do while Huo Qing was here, like the matter of getting a teacher. So the moment Huo Qing left, Ning Shu found a teacher for Huo Chengwang.

It was the marshal that picked out this teacher.

Ning Shu and Imperial Noble Consort Xuan secretly sped up their scheme.

After half a month of indulging in pleasure and forgetting about home and duty, Huo Qing finally came back with a extremely beautiful woman.

Huo Qing brought the little fox to Ning Shu the moment he came back and said, “Empress, this is Jin Ling.”

The little fox didn’t curtsy towards Ning Shu but Huo Qing didn’t say anything. Ning Shu asked, “Your Majesty, where did such a beautiful woman come from? Hadn’t Your Majesty gone to participate in the harvest? How did you end up finding such a beauty?”

“She’s the daughter of the magistrate of Qu county. We met her near the capital and really like her, so we brought her back to the palace.” Huo Qing’s gaze was filled with doting affection as he looked at the little fox.

Ning Shu smiled as she looked towards the little fox. The little fox was currently wearing pink silk palace garments without any cosmetics on. Her fair skin had a slight flush and her features were slightly under ripe but also contained a unique loveliness. Her body, however, was perfectly curved.

Her eyes were lively and cute. When people looked at her, they couldn’t help but be enchanted by her lively and mischievous look.

Lovely with a naive mischievousness. She was truly as charming as humanly possible.

Ning Shu finally understood what Huo Qing was trying to do. First he killed a fox and skinned the fox since not every fox had beautiful golden fur like the little fox. Then after leaving the palace, he got a proper identity for the little fox.

Huo Qing had truly gone through a lot of trouble for the little fox.

Ning Shu said meaningfully, “The official in Qu county must have delighted their ancestors to have been able to give birth to such a beautiful daughter. Then, Your Majesty, should this subject wife arrange a place for her to live?”

“I don’t need you to arrange a place, I’m going to live with Huo Qing,” said the little fox Jin Ling.

The little fox’s eyes were filled with wariness and hostility as she looked at Ning Shu. When she was a fox, she hadn’t felt much towards these women. However, she had now become a person and had even given her body along with her heart to Huo Qing, so she now viewed the women of the inner palace as enemies.

The man she liked could only like her. All love was selfish.

The little fox then glowered at Huo Qing. Seriously! If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t have come back to the palace. Since she had already become a human, she should’ve just gone to travel the world and tease little fresh meat instead of staying with Huo Qing who already had so many women.

>Little fresh meat in Chinese culture is a way to refer to young good-looking men, often teen idols.<

When Huo Qing saw that the woman he loved was unhappy, he hastily looked towards her with doting, love-filled eyes.

Ning Shu watched as these two flirted right in front of her. They seriously didn’t care whether people could take this or not.

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