QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0417

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Chapter 417: You Finally Came

Ji Qingyuan could feel something wet, but he couldn’t see what it was. After a moment of hesitation, he lifted his hand to his nose and took a sniff. His nose was immediately filled with the disgusting stench of rot. The smell was so strong that it felt like his head was spinning.

Fear arose in his heart. The three girls in the dorm were all asleep, he was the only one awake.

He hastily wiped his hand off on his clothes, then walked back to Lin Qianqian and started shaking her while shouting, “Qianqian, hurry and wake up! What exactly is going on!?”

Ji Qingyuan was shouting, but none of the girls woke up. It was like he was the only left in this world. The surroundings were deathly still without any sound. There were no crickets, no sound of cars, there wasn’t even the sound of the girls’ breathing.

“Qianqian, Qianqian!” Ji Qingyuan grabbed Lin Qianqian’s arm and tried to pull her up, but when he yanked, he tore her arm off. However, Lin Qianqian didn’t react and didn’t seem to feel pain at all.

Ji Qingyuan’s eyes widened and his pupils abruptly dilated. Lin Qianqian’s arm was still in his hand.

“Aah…” Ji Qingyuan screamed as he flung the arm away. He leaned over to pull Lin Qianqian off the bed. When Lin Qianqian’s face moved into the faint moonlight, he saw that her face was completely unrecognizable. All the flesh on her face was rotting with a terrible stench, but she was actually smiling at him.

As her mouth opened and closed, a voice filled with bitter resentment, but also soft lingering emotions spilled out. “You finally came to find me. I was waiting for you, I’ve always been waiting for you. Why are you so cruel? How could you be so cruel? I hate you, let’s be together.”

Ji Qingyuan was so frightened that he staggered and fell back, then continued backing away in a panic. The body that only had one arm left started crawling towards him in a grotesque manner. Ji Qingyuan’s back was covered with cold sweat as he shouted, “Stay away! Stay away!”

“I hate you, I hate you! I’ll kill you…”

“Aaaah…” Ji Qingyuan who had been lying on the ground suddenly started awake and sat up. His body was so covered with cold sweat that it was like he had been drenched with cold water. He looked around nervously, then saw that Lin Qianqian was still sleeping next to him.

Ji Qingyuan exhaled in relief. So it was just a nightmare. It must’ve been because he was influenced by Qianqian’s nervousness.

“Qianqian…” Ji Qingyuan wanted to wake Lin Qianqian up. He still felt a chill and his heart was still beating erratically from the earlier fright.

Lin Qianqian’s body moved slightly, then she turned to look towards Ji Qingyuan with a strange smile. “You’ve come.”

Ji Qingyuan’s heart seemed to stop for a moment, then it started pounding hard. What did he just see? Lin Qianqian’s face looked as if it was rotting, just like in the dream. He felt like his head was about to explode. All of the blood was rushing to his head, causing his thoughts to feel sluggish.

He backed away in a fluster to get away from Lin Qianqian.

“What’s wrong? Qingyuan?” Lin Qianqian rubbed her eyes as she looked at Ji Qingyuan. When he heard her voice, he looked carefully at her again and saw that her face wasn’t rotting after all. He sighed in relief, then sighed that he was seriously being too nervous.

Lin Qianqian lifted away the blanket and got off the bed. There was still a cast on her leg, but she didn’t seem to feel any pain as she walked towards Ji Qingyuan.

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