QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0493

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Chapter 493: If We Fail, We Will Die

This night, lightning and deafening thunder filled the skies. In the midst of the downpour, there was suddenly an enormous clap of thunder. The entire imperial palace seemed to shake.

Someone shouted in the middle of the storm, “There’s a fire! There’s a fire!”

The villa next to Huo Qing’s resting palace had caught fire. The flames were so large they seemed about to reach the sky. Even the storm couldn’t put out this roaring fire and the flames lit up the entire palace.

The imperial palace became restless.

Ning Shu got off the bed and said to Huo Chengwang, “Chengwang, it’s about to start. Are you scared?”

“This subject son isn’t scared.” Huo Chengwang clenched his fists. His entire body was trembling and his face was slightly flushed as he said, “This subject son isn’t scared.

“If we fail, we will die.” Qing Zhu helped Ning Shu put on her clothes. Huo Chengwang got off the bed as well and held onto Ning Shu’s sleeve tightly. “Imperial Mother, this subject son isn’t scared.”

Ning Shu replied with an ‘en,’ then took his hand and started walking towards the burning villa.

Qing Zhu and another palace maid held umbrellas for them. It was raining very hard. A lot of rainwater had already accumulated and was about to submerge their shoes.

When they got to the villa, they saw that a lot of eunuchs and guards were currently working on putting out the fire. Huo Qing and the little fox were in their resting clothes as they stood together under the eaves of his resting palace. The little fox’s eyes were red as she watched her precious work burn. There were so many places in the palace, why was her villa the only place that got burned? Why her villa!?

The little fox felt a lot of heartache. She finally had her own mansion after coming to the ancient era, but it ended up being struck by lightning. It felt like the Heavens were messing with her.

When Huo Qing saw the little fox like this, he urged for the people to hurry and put out the fire. However, even with so many eunuchs and guards working to put out the fire, the fire’s strength didn’t lessen at all and kept crackling loudly.

Huo Qing frowned with a cold expression. In the light of the flames, he looked extremely cold and stern.

Ning Shu walked over to Huo Qing with Huo Chengwang and curstied towards him. “This subject wife greets Your Majesty.”

Huo Qing glanced at Ning Shu, then his gaze landed on Huo Chengwang. He said in annoyance, “What did you bring the child here so late at night for?”

“Of course this subject wife must come when something like this has happened. Chengwang was worried about Your Majesty. He thought that Your Majesty had been resting in the villa and was worried that something had happened to you, so he begged to come with this subject wife,” replied Ning Shu mildly.

Huo Qing’s heart suddenly jumped. It was fortunate that they hadn’t stayed in the villa today, otherwise they really would’ve been done for. Hu er was a woman that knew how to enjoy life. Sometimes she would play happily in the villa, but she rarely stayed in the villa at night. Hu er said that newly built houses weren’t suitable for people to live in and in any case, she liked sleeping on the dragon bed more.

If that hadn’t been the case, they would’ve been trapped in the villa tonight.

Huo Qing softly sighed in relief, then reached out with one arm to hug the little fox and console her. “Don’t be scared, we’re here.”

Ning Shu: …

For better or for worse, his wife and son were here. Couldn’t he control himself a little?

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