QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0484

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Chapter 484: The Little Fox was Stabbed!?

It was enough that this kind of thing happened once, but it was endless. The little fox went crying to Huo Qing and Huo Qing angrily said that he would investigate who exactly it was that dared to treat his Hu er this way.

When Ning Shu found out, she hastily told the two kids to stop. If they kept at it, they would be caught sooner or later.

Huo Chengwang looked very refreshed and his steps were energetic enough to generate wind.

Ning Shu was currently more concerned about when the little fox would become a human. Once the little fox became a human, all the women in this inner palace would be completely abandoned.

From then on, the only one in Huo Qing’s heart would be the little fox.

Ning Shu had Qing Zhu warn the marshal’s residence to be careful.

Huo Qing didn’t visit the inner palace again for a long time. The women of the inner palace stared at the imperial study until their eyes crossed, but they still couldn’t catch any glimpse of Huo Qing.

During this time, a huge incident occurred. Beautiful Lady Lin, who had been disfigured by the little fox and thrown into the cold palace by Huo Qing, had successfully captured the little fox and stabbed the little fox’s stomach.

When Huo Qing found the little fox, it was right in time to see Beautiful Lady Lin crazily stabbing at the little fox. The little fox was screaming in pain, her body covered with blood.

Huo Qing’s eyes became bloodshot and he grabbed a guard’s sword to hack off Beautiful Lady Lin’s head. Her head rolled a long ways before stopping. Her eyes were opened, making her scarred face a gruesome sight. Huo Qing hugged the bleeding fox and cried for the imperial physicians and the Daoist priest to help.

“Wuwuuwuu…” cried the little fox. The little fox felt like she was about to die. It was so painful.

Huo Qing was even crying as he muttered, “You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine! We won’t let anything happen to you.”

When Ning Shu saw how helpless and on the brink of insanity Huo Qing looked to be as he trembled like he had lost the entire world, she smiled coldly.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan was standing next to Ning Shu, her face pale. Although she had been looked after carefully, her health was still very weak and it felt like a single gust of wind could blow her away. Her chin had also become much sharper.

When Imperial Noble Consort Xuan saw Huo Qing show his emotions so much and saw how he looked as if he wanted to destroy the world, she was astonished.

“Let’s head back. His Majesty won’t let us stay here.” Ning Shu stood at the entrance of the imperial study. After glancing at the shut door, she turned to leave.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan bit her lips and left with Ning Shu. Ning Shu glanced over at her and said, “You’re the one that did this?”

“This subject consort doesn’t know what Your Imperial Highness is saying?” A weak smile bloomed on Imperial Noble Consort Xuan’s pale face.

“This incident has nothing to do with this subject consort. It was Beautiful Lady Lin’s doing,” said Imperial Noble Consort Xuan calmly.

Ning Shu didn’t say anything else. They all knew the truth, and at the very least, she felt schadenfreude. Serves the fox right!

The little fox was severely injured. An imperial physician told Huo Qing that there was no hope and Huo Qing coughed blood.

The imperial physician was so scared that he trembled. Huo Qing was besides himself with anxiety and anger, so he ordered for the guards to chop off this useless imperial physician’s head. Regardless of how much the imperial physician begged, he couldn’t change his fate.

With this precedent example, the other imperial physicians didn’t dare to say anything and just timidly worked on stopping the little fox’s bleeding.

At this time, a Daoist priest walked over and said that this was the best time for the little fox to transform into a human. In addition, if they kept dragging things on like this, the little fox wouldn’t survive.

Huo Qing immediately ordered the Daoist priest to start and said that no matter what, the little fox couldn’t be allowed to die.

He pulled at his hair in pain and frustration as he looked at the little fox helplessly. He wished he could just take the pain for the little fox. Pain filled his soul. It was only now that Huo Qing realized he had truly fallen in love with the little fox and that it had to be her. No one else could ever take her place.

When it occurred to him that the little fox might leave him, he wanted to have all the people in the palace die to keep the little fox company. That wretch, Beautiful Lady Lin, had died too comfortably! He should have tortured her to death!

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