QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0486

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Chapter 486: Hiding a Mistress

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan soon arrived. When she saw Ning Shu, she curtsied and asked, “Is Your Imperial Highness looking for this subject consort for something?”

“Let’s visit His Majesty tonight to see if he’s hiding a mistress,” said Ning Shu mildly.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan sat down and took a sip of tea. When Ning Shu saw how thin she was, she said, “You don’t seem to have recovered. This empress isn’t an imperial physician, but even this empress can tell that your body is lacking nutrition.”

“This subject consort no longer cares about this body. It’s just struggling on death’s door anyways, so a little better or worse is no difference,” said Imperial Noble Consort Xuan indifferently.

Ning Shu disagreed. “It’s not worth it to ruin yourself because of a man.”

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan looked towards Ning Shu in surprise. “What this subject consort is sad about is the unborn child.”

Ning Shu and Imperial Noble Consort Xuan waited together until it was near midnight and the entire imperial palace was silent.

Xiao Anzi finally came and said to Ning Shu, “Your Imperial Highness, please follow this servant.”

Ning Shu smiled towards Imperial Noble Consort Xuan. “Let’s go take a look.”

Xiao Anzi brought Ning Shu and Imperial Noble Consort Xuan to Huo Qing’s resting palace. Imperial Noble Consort Xuan whispered, “Your Imperial Highness, what are you going to do?”

“It’s not what this empress is going to do, it’s what His Majesty’s doing,” replied Ning Shu.

They soon reached Huo Qing’s resting palace. Eunuch Qiu was waiting at the door for Ning Shu. When he saw her, he bowed and said quietly, “Your Imperial Highness, please follow this servant quietly.”

Ning Shu nodded and followed after him. Imperial Noble Consort Xuan hastily went to catch up with them.

Eunuch Qiu brought them to a concealed location that allowed them to hear what was going on in the resting palace without being seen by the guards.

Ning Shu listened and found that Huo Qing was speaking with a woman.

Her suspicions were confirmed. The little fox had already transformed into a human.

Their voices could still be heard. Huo Qing was saying, “Hu er, obtaining you feels like obtaining the world.”

A woman’s clear voice arose. “Huo Qing, have I really become a human? It’s unbelievable!”

“It’s real. Our Hu er, our precious Hu er!” Huo Qing’s voice was filled with passion.

“Huo Qing, what are you doing? Why did you kiss me?”

“Hu er, could it be that you still don’t know our heart?” Huo Qing’s voice contained repressed desire.

A few moments later, suggestive sounds started coming from inside along with Huo Qing’s soft sweet nothings and the little fox’s muffled moans.

Things had gone as she expected. She had only come here to check for sure.

Even without her mermaid pearl, there were other ways to let the little fox become human.

After finding out the result, Ning Shu had no more interest in eavesdropping and slipped away. Imperial Noble Consort Xuan instinctively moved to follow her even though she was still stunned by what she heard just. They walked very far away before she finally snapped out of it and asked Ning Shu, “Your Imperial Highness, what exactly is going on? His Majesty really is hiding a woman? Where did this woman come from?”

“Hadn’t this woman always been here?” replied Ning Shu mildly. “You can ask Xiao Anzi about this. Reconsider the plan I told you about.”

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan was taken aback. Something seemed to have occurred to her, but she couldn’t bring herself to believe it. “That’s not possible, that’s impossible.”

“Anything is possible,” said Ning Shu. “It’s already rather late. Head back and rest.”

However, how could Imperial Noble Consort Xuan fall asleep? Her head was filled with the identity of the woman sleeping with Huo Qing.

“Your Imperial Highness, it had been so severely injured at that time. It had actually been able to survive and become a human?” Intense hatred appeared in Imperial Noble Consort Xuan’s eyes.

Ning Shu said, “It’s probably the doing of that Daoist priest.

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