QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0503

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Chapter 503: Many Thanks Then

Huo Qing had given up the throne. The ministers tried to dissuade him, so he took advantage of this opportunity to say that he would continue being emperor if the little fox could stay by his side.

Everyone immediately fell silent.

Huo Qing had given up the throne because there was no other choice. It was either the throne or the little fox’s life. Since the entire imperial palace was surrounded, they were just trapped mice.

He couldn’t bear to let Hu er suffer. When he saw the joy and love in Hu er’s tearful eyes, he felt that it was very worth it. Perhaps he would be able to live a different kind of life with Hu er.

In the end, Huo Qing and the little fox were imprisoned in the resting palace.

Huo Qing looked over at Ning Shu and said coldly, “Empress, you’re the one that’s bringing calamity to the nation of Yan.”

Ning Shu reacted with a confused and wronged expression. “This subject wife doesn’t understand what Your Majesty is saying?”

We’ve truly ended up showing the wolf into the house. Your Xiao family wants to become the master of this country. We have always been aware of your rapacious designs and have been wary of your family, but unexpectedly your family made the first move. We’ve truly missed a good opportunity.”

Huo Qing’s eyes were filled with loathing as he looked at Ning Shu. “We’ve always loathed you. Even when we had first begged to marry you, we had loathed you. We should’ve choked Huo Chengwang to death from the start.”

Ning Shu bowed and said mildly, “Many thanks then, Your Majesty, for tolerating this subject wife for so many years. Back then, this subject wife hadn’t forced Your Majesty to marry this subject wife. It was Your Majesty that married this subject wife for the sake of obtaining the throne. This subject wife isn’t even holding this against you, so what is Your Majesty feeling wronged about? Moreover, it was Your Majesty that had been making use of this subject wife all along.”

“Then you were the one that was behind what happened tonight?” Huo Qing glared at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu shook her head. “Your Majesty, this matter has nothing to do with this subject wife. This subject wife is just a woman of the inner palace, an insignificant person. This subject wife doesn’t have the ability to make the officials of the imperial court move. Your Majesty, you’re overthinking things.

Ning Shu left with Huo Chengwang. As they walked on the wet road, some of the rainwater seeped into their shoes so it was a little cold.

Huo Chengwang watched as the empress walked away. Her hair was disheveled, but she still walked as calmly as always. He found that he had never understood this wife who he had married to be an ornament.

When they got back to the resting palace, Ning Shu had someone boil hot water for baths. It wouldn’t be good if they ended up catching a cold. Huo Chengwang seemed a little depressed. However, it was understandable since his father had said that he wanted to kill him.

“Chengwang, don’t mind your imperial father’s words. Someone like that doesn’t have the right to be a father.” Ning Shu stroked Huo Chengwang’s head. “No matter what, Imperial Mother will protect you.”

Huo Chengwang looked up and said, “Imperial Mother, this subject son feels bad for you. You’ve done so much for Imperial Father, but he actually treated you this way.”

Ning Shu smiled. These words warmed her heart. “It’s because your imperial father doesn’t like your imperial mother. He likes the little fox, so he can sacrifice everything for the little fox.”

“Could it be that Imperial Father has no morality or duty towards Imperial Mother?” asked Huo Chengwang. “Imperial Father has practically gone mad.”

See, even a child understood this logic. However, Huo Qing had fully fallen into his delusion of a perfect romance and only wanted the beauty over the country.

She wondered if he would regret it later.

Huo Qing had abandoned the throne, so this nation had also abandoned him.

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