QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0468

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Chapter 468: The Fever Finally Broke

Huo Qing got up from the bed and walked to the little fox. When he reached out to hug the little fox, the little fox’s hackles raised in alarm. Huo Qing softly stroked the little fox and said gently, “You shouldn’t be afraid of us. You belong to us. We don’t like to see you playing with other people.”

“Although you’re just a fox, we’ve never thought of you as a fox. You mean more to us than anyone in the world. You’re our pet. We adore you, love you.” Huo Qing looked at the little fox passionately.

We’ve never seen such a beautiful and intelligent fox before.”

The little fox’s heart started beating hard when she met Huo Qing’s gaze and when she heard what he said, she felt blessed. Although she had become a fox, she managed to meet Huo Qing, so the god of transmigration hadn’t been that bad to her.

The little fox felt that if she was this scared of Huo Qing, she was doing him wrong since he doted on her so much. She glanced up at him apologetically and licked his finger.

Huo Qing stiffened slightly, then said happily, “Hu er, you’re not angry anymore?”

When the little fox saw the smile on Huo Qing’s face, she felt a blush. He was seriously super handsome ah.

“Are we good-looking?” Huo Qing smiled brightly towards the little fox and the little fox immediately nodded.

Good-looking. He was seriously too good-looking.

Huo Qing rubbed her soft ears and carried her to the dragon bed to curl up together.

Ning Shu watched over Huo Chengwang for an entire night. With the imperial physician’s careful care, Huo Chengwang’s fever finally broke and he stopped mumbling restlessly in his sleep. Ning Shu sat by the bed to watch over him and said to Xiao Qingyan, “Qingyan, go sleep.”

“Aunt, Qingyan isn’t tired. Qingyan will stay until Little Cousin wakes up.” Xiao Qingyan’s eyes were completely red since he had also cried and stayed up very late.

Ning Shu didn’t push him and just told him that if he was tired, he could just lean on the bed and sleep.

“Your Imperial Highness, drink some hot tea.” Qing Zhu carried a cup of tea over. Ning Shu took it and gulped it down, then continued wiping Huo Chengwang down with the handkerchief.

Huo Chengwang slept for an entire day and night before waking up. When he opened his eyes, he stared blankly at Ning Shu. Ning Shu immediately started panicking. The fever couldn’t have really burned his brain cells, right?

“Imperial Mother, Chengwang’s really scared.” Huo Chengwang’s voice was very hoarse. Ning Shu hastily poured a cup of water for him to drink. Even as he drank, tears streamed down his cheeks.

Ning Shu hugged Huo Chengwang and said softly, “Don’t be scared, Chengwang. Imperial Mother will definitely protect Chengwang.”

“Cousin, you’re awake!” When Xiao Qingyan, who had fallen asleep on the side of the bed, saw that Huo Chengwang had woken up, he was so happy that he was about to cry.

“Big Brother.” Huo Chengwang felt really sick right now. He felt like he was about to die.

Ning Shu had Xiao Qingyan go eat breakfast.

Then Ning Shu and Huo Chengwang were the only ones left in the resting palace. Ning Shu looked towards him and said, “Chengwang blames Imperial Mother.

“You blame Imperial Mother. You question why Imperial Mother didn’t save the puppy, right?”

Huo Chengwang’s tears spilled down again as he asked hoarsely. “Why, Imperial Mother?”

Ning Shu shook her head mildly. “Because Imperial Mother couldn’t do it.”

“Why?” Huo Chengwang looked at her in confusion.

Ning Shu stroked his head. “Chengwang, it’s because Imperial Mother was facing your imperial father, the person who has the most power in this world. Everyone is only a subject in front of him. That includes Imperial Mother and you. Imperial Mother had already saved your cousin. Only one could be saved. Would Chengwang preferred for Imperial Mother to give up on Qingyan to save the puppy?”

“No, Chengwang doesn’t want anything to happen to Big Brother.” Huo Chengwang shook his head. “But why did Imperial Father beat the puppy to death? It doesn’t even know anything?”

Because he was jealous and he wanted to warn her and the Xiao family.

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