QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0522

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Chapter 522: Big Pervert!

It took them half a day to reach the entrance of the dungeon. There were already a lot of people there. They were in seperate little groups based on their sect and waiting for the dungeon to open.

The moment Ning Shu got off, there was the sound of a very tsundere female voice. “Big pervert, you actually still dare to show up!?”

Everyone roared with laughter and they started chanting, “Pervert, pervert…”

The disciples of Heavenly Law Sect immediately moved away from Ning Shu and acted like they didn’t know her.

Ning Shu still didn’t know what was going on. She looked at the lively little girl in front of her. The girl had a little bell on her wrist that tinkled with her movements.

“Who are you?” As she looked at this girl, she said in an annoyed tone, “Why wouldn’t I dare to come? Does this place belong to your family?”

“Big pervert, you actually dared to break off your engagement with Senior Sister!? I’m going to avenge Senior Sister today!” shouted the little lady righteously. “How dare a trash like you break off the marriage?”

Ning Shu: …

She looked around and found that Shi Huidi was standing nearby, dressed in white with a veil and an aloof air as always. An outstanding handsome man was standing next to her. Ning Shu knew that this was definitely the male lead, Xie Yu.

Just being strong wasn’t enough, it was a must to have an irresistibly handsome face and be dazzling enough that you’d bring your own bgm.

Shi Huidi glanced at Ning Shu. Her gaze was indifferent like she didn’t know Ning Shu at all.

Ning Shu didn’t mind, but Xie Yu started sizing her up. An expression of contempt appeared on his face, then he moved closer to Shi Huidi’s ear to say something. The gesture was very intimate. Shi Huidi was clearly uncomfortable with Xie Yu’s intimate gesture and shifted to the side slightly, seeming a bit shy.

“Hey, big pervert, what are you looking at!? Senior Sister’s no longer your fiancée, so if you keep looking, this great aunt will dig your eyes out!” shouted the little girl fiercely.

Ning Shu looked at the little girl. “Your senior sister hasn’t even said anything, so why are you in such a rush to stand up for her? I did break off the engagement, so what?”

“If I didn’t break off the marriage, could it be that I should wait for your Iridescent Sect’s disciples to beat me to death?” Ning Shu curled her lips in disdain, then walked past the girl to leave.

The girl blocked Ning Shu’s way again. “At least you know something. Looks like you’re at least aware of what a trash you are. Even if the engagement’s to be broken off, it should’ve been my senior sister breaking it off!”

Ning Shu: …

“Then why didn’t your senior sister break off the engagement? We’ve already been engaged for such a long time. If she wanted to break it off, why didn’t she say so?” asked Ning Shu, staring at the girl.

The girl was a little flustered, but she immediately refuted, “It was something that the sect decided. Senior Sister couldn’t make the decision for herself.”

“Since she couldn’t and I brought up breaking off the marriage, what are you bothering me for? What exactly do you want me to do? Help you go die?” Ning Shu was seriously irritated. “Don’t try to act all innocent like a victim when you benefited from the situation. It’s like a slut insisting on having a memorial arch named after her. Who exactly was it that ended up gaining an benefit from this incident?”

The girl’s face flushed red and she pointed at Ning Shu angrily. “Who are you calling a slut!? If this great aunt doesn’t destroy you today, this great aunt’s name isn’t Yan Jiao!”

Ning Shu scoffed. “Your man is flirting with another woman, but you’re actually standing up for your love rival. How are you so stupid?”

“What man? What love rival? I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Yan Jiao couldn’t stop herself from looking towards Xie Yu.

Ning Shu rolled her eyes. As expected, this fiery little girl liked Xie Yu. Her distinctly tsundere and straightforward personality marked her as a shoo-in for the male lead’s harem.

“Senior Brother Xie Yu is such a good person, so of course a lot of people like him. If Senior Sister likes Senior Brother Xie Yu, I would be overjoyed! At the very least she doesn’t have to marry a pervert like you!”

Ning Shu: …

She seriously had no way of understanding a woman under the influence of the main lead halo. They found nothing wrong with sharing a man and the members of the harem actually all got along well. Ning Shu couldn’t understand how this worked even if she racked her brains to mush.

On the other hand, usually, male leads had very strong ooxx abilities and the women in the harem were in pain even as they enjoyed it. That was probably why they wanted other women to help share the responsibility and didn’t blame Xie Yu for getting more women and actually reacted with joy to the fact that they got more sisters.

Such strange ways of thinking.

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