QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0456

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Chapter 456: A Celestial Fox

Ning Shu curled her lips in disdain. When she saw that the bedding was stained with blood, she said to Qing Zhu, “Change the bedding. This empress wishes to sleep.”

“Understood, Your Imperial Highness.” Qing Zhu’s face was pale as she instructed a palace maid change the bed. Ning Shu said, “Change the blanket covers as well.”

Once the bed was remade, Ning Shu yawned and lay down. Qing Zhu tried to comfort Ning Shu, “Your Imperial Highness, don’t be too hurt.”

“Hurt? This empress isn’t hurt. There’s another person feeling the hurt right now.” Ning Shu laughed scornfully. Look how much heartache Huo Qing was in.

She had set the mousetraps just in case, but she never expected for the fox to actually fall for it. The fox was truly relying on the fact that she was an animal and strolling around the palace as she pleased.

The little fox especially liked going to the consorts and concubines’ palaces and hiding in them to listen to gossip. Ning Shu had no intention of letting her palace become a place someone else could come and go as they pleased.

This fox probably wouldn’t come out to cause a fuss for a long while and wouldn’t be able to play with Huo Chengwang either.

“Qing Zhu, go the Department of Internal Affairs and see if there’s any cute pets? Get one for Chengwang.” After saying this, Ning Shu closed her eyes to sleep.

Hell, sleeping by yourself on a large bed was the best!

Ning Shu was content, but Huo Qing was like an ice mountain. As he hugged the little fox, he scolded softly, “Let’s see if you still dare to run around blindly in the future! Didn’t we already promise you that we wouldn’t do anything with the empress? And now you’ve gotten yourself all injured.”

The little fox looked towards Huo Qing, feeling wronged. Huo Qing’s expression was cold, but his heart had already melted even as he said coldly, “Let’s see if you still dare to run to the empress’s palace in the future.”

“Wuuwuuuwwuu…” cried the little fox softly. She stuck out her soft tongue and licked Huo Qing’s palm, then nipped his finger lightly as if she was saying to stop being angry.

This sensation seemed to make an electric current run through Huo Qing’s body, he felt numb from head to toe. The slight pain was somehow very refreshing. He felt his lower half heat up from the stimulation.

Huo Qing, in his twenty years of life, had never had such a feeling before. Just this one nip, one bite, caused him to suddenly understand how intoxicating the love between a man and a woman was, what the uncontrollable impulse and desire was like.

Huo Qing gazed at the little fox in his arms passionately. Her eyes were very clear, innocent, and confused. Huo Qing’s lower half was already rising. He endured the scorching heat and placed the little fox on the dragon bed, then said hoarsely, “Hurry and go to sleep.”

The little fox’s eyes curved as she licked Huo Qing’s palm again. Huo Qing could barely hold himself back anymore and had to grit his teeth as he said, “Sleep now.”

The little fox finally went to sleep, satisfied. Huo Qing felt like he was about to explode from holding back. Once the little fox finally fell asleep, he quietly went to Noble Consort Xuan’s palace. Huo Qing didn’t want to see Ning Shu at all right now. He blamed her for causing Hu er to get her.

On the bed, Huo Qing was extremely passionate and enthusiastic. Noble Consort Xuan was tormented until she almost passed out, but she was very satisfied.

Once Huo Qing vented his desire, he suddenly felt very guilty. He had actually been sleeping with another woman while the little fox was injured. He felt really uncomfortable and hastily pulled on his clothes. He paid no attention to Noble Consort Xuan’s efforts to detain him and hastily left.

When he got back to his bedroom and saw that the little fox was still asleep, his heart softened and he touched her pink nose softly. He even felt the urge to lean over and kiss her.

That wasn’t right. Hu er was just his pet. How could he have desire towards an animal? This was unbelievable.

However, in the depths of Huo Qing’s heart, he felt that such an intelligent and adorable little fox couldn’t possibly be an ordinary fox. Perhaps she was a celestial fox. Huo Qing strongly hoped that Hu er would be able to take human form.

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