QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0441

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Chapter 441: Ghost Admirer

Ning Shu felt that Ji Jinyan was seriously heartless. That cold indifference seemed to come from his very bones. He didn’t have much emotion even when he was facing his own son.

“Ji Jinyan, Ji Jinyan…” Lin Qianqian kept shouting his name almost like a curse. The sound of it chilled one’s heart.

Su Manyu hugged Ning Shu’s arm tightly and said, “Zhuang Yutong, I’m so scared.”

Ning Shu: “…”

So what?

The bloody trail of tears on Lin Qianqian’s face was extremely frightening in the moonlight. She lunged towards Ji Jinyan crazily, but was injured by the golden light around him and the dark smoke surrounding her became even thinner.

But she still continued to rush towards Ji Jinyan as if she was trying to commit suicide. She was hit with another talisman and fell to the ground with a scream. The black smoke now disappeared completely. Lin Qianqian cried blood tears as she looked at Ji Jinyan.

“Ji Jinyan, I loved you so much. I love you so much! For you, I was willing to do anything! But even though I died, you’re still not willing to even look at me.” As Lin Qianqian cried, she continuously vomited black blood.

Ji Qingyuan was so worried that he was about to cry, but he couldn’t go over since his father was blocking the way.

The priest made another hand sign and the talisman stuck on Lin Qianqian’s body grew brighter, causing her to scream in pain.

Ning Shu and Su Manyu covered their ears in pain. When Ji Qingyuan saw that his girlfriend was suffering, he begged the priest, “Daoist priest, please save Qianqian.”

The priest continued to chant the spell and a thick black smoke exploded out of Lin Qianqian’s body. Following that, it completely left Lin Qianqian’s body and Lin Qianqian fell, unconscious, to the ground.

“Qianqian! Qianqian!” Ji Qingyuan ran over to hug Lin Qianqian, but her body was ice cold as if she was near death.

“Ji Jinyan, I beg you, please look at me. Please look at me just once. I love you so much. For you, I was willing to die. Why couldn’t you accept me? What was good about her?” The ghost beseeched Ji Jinyan. Her voice was no longer dark and eerie but clear and graceful like that of a normal woman’s. “Why? Can’t you just look at me? I love you. I really do love you.”

Ji Jinyan’s expression was cold without a trace of emotion. He didn’t even lift an eyelid in response to those words.

Ning Shu had never seen such a cold person before. She said to Su Manyu, “Ji Qingyuan’s pretty different from his dad? I’m talking about personality. His dad’s so cold.”

Su Manyu replied, “He’s been like this ever since Ji Qingyuan’s mother died. I heard it was because he couldn’t accept the fact that his wife passed away so he’s always very indifferent towards his own son. Aunt had died from blood loss after giving birth.”

So she had died from childbirth.

He probably loved his wife too much so he couldn’t care about the son that caused his wife to leave this world. Tsk tsk, what a passionate man. Even though there was a woman— oh, no wait, it was a ghost that was this resentful and loved him this much, he still felt nothing.

The people that fell in love with this kind of men were sure pitiful. They wouldn’t even spare you a glance since all their love was given to just one person. Ji Qingyuan’s mother was pretty blessed, to have a man remember and love her without turning away even once.

The ghost was hit again by the Daoist priest and was on the verge of completely disappearing. The black aura around her had been dispelled and her true features were revealed. She was wearing a dress that showed her fair figure and her hair was like silk. It was obvious that she was a beauty even though they could only see her back.

“Ji Jinyan, I love you. For you, I was willing to do anything.” The ghost threw herself towards Ji Jinyan. “Even if I must die, I want to die in your arms.”

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