QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0419

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Chapter 419: Why was the Ghost Trying to Kill You?

Originally, Ning Shu was going to feed Lin Qianqian this medicine, but Ji Qingyuan sat down on the side of the bed and blocked her way. It was clear that he didn’t want Lin Qianqian to drink something like this. The local remedies from the countryside didn’t even have the approval of the Ministry of Health, there was no way that he could let Lin Qianqian drink this.

“Fine, so be it. It’ll be Lin Qianqian that suffers in the end. Let’s just keep this for ourselves. Zhuang Yutong, since they don’t want our help, let’s just help ourselves,” said Su Manyu with a sarcastic eye roll.

Ning Shu glanced at Lin Qianqian and saw that her face was deathly pale and there was no trace of color in her lips. She asked Ji Qingyuan, “Are you certain? The longer you drag this out, the more damage the yin energy will do to her body. Both Su Manyu and I have drank this medicine before.”

Ji Qingyuan waved dismissively. “No thanks.”

Fine, suit yourself. In any case, there was no way the female lead-sama could die. Su Manyu took the bowl from Ning Shu’s hands and said, “I touched Lin Qianqian earlier and now my entire body feels cold, so let me have the medicine instead.”

After snatching the bowl, Su Manyu quickly gulped it down.

Ning Shu: …

This girl was drinking this medicine like it was candy.

Ji Qingyuan’s facial color was very poor as he squeezed Lin Qianqian’s hand. Then he turned towards Su Manyu and asked, “What exactly is going on?”

“What’s going on? It’s the doing of the malevolent ghost Lin Qianqian summoned,” said Su Manyu coldly.

“Malevolent ghost?” Ji Qingyuan rubbed his neck with a slightly disbelieving expression.

What Ning Shu was curious about was why the ghost chose to possess Lin Qianqian and kill Ji Qingyuan. It felt quite strange, so she kept staring at Ji Qingyuan. When Su Manyu noticed, she nudged Ning Shu and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Why was the ghost trying to kill you?” asked Ning Shu. It was trying to kill them because they summoned it with the Ouija board, but why was it trying to kill Ji Qingyuan? And with Lin Qianqian’s hands?

Ji Qingyuan said coldly, “How would I know?”

Boom! The windows were blown open by a strong gust of chilling wind. A faint shadowy figure with billowing hair seemed to appear outside the window.

Su Manyu jumped up and ducked behind Ning Shu. Ning Shu pinched the slightly cold soul pearl, she could feel it trembling.

Ji Qingyuan’s face was filled with shock and fear. “There really is a ghost.”

As the wind slapped their faces, the ghost’s appearance gradually became clearer. Her face was filled with knife wounds that rotted visibly and peeled off. She flitted back and forth, disappearing and reappearing in different locations as she chanted, “I’ll kill you! Why did you treat me that way? Why? Why? Why…”

The temperature in the room plunged even more. The ghost seemed very stirred up and wanted to rush inside, but it was afraid of the item that Ning Shu was holding so it could only hover outside the window.

It seemed to be particularly concerned about a certain person in the room.

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