QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0506

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Chapter 506: Visiting the Emeritus Emperor’s Residence

When Ning Shu and Emerita Noble Consort Xuan reached the emeritus emperor’s residence, the little fox was currently shouting at Huo Qing. “Huo Qing, I’m bored! I want to go out and play!”

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to leave. There’s people guarding this place,” said Huo Qing lightly.

The little fox said indignantly, “They’re illegally restricting other people’s freedom! This is against the law!”

Huo Qing didn’t speak.

“The emerita empress has arrived. Emerita Noble Consort Xuan has arrived,” announced the eunuch in a shrill voice.

Ning Shu and Emerita Noble Consort Xuan walked in. Ning Shu saw that the little fox’s stomach was actually bulging slightly. During this time when she hadn’t been paying attention, the little fox had actually gotten pregnant. However, it didn’t seem to be very far along.

When Emerita Noble Consort Xuan saw the little fox’s stomach, her entire body trembled and her facial color turned very pale.

When Huo Qing saw that Ning Shu seemed to be living well, he demanded coldly, “What are you doing here?”

Ning Shu looked around the place, then nodded. “It seems that Emeritus Emperor’s place is quite nice.”

When the little fox saw these women, she immediately covered her stomach and ducked behind Huo Qing. Ever since the forced abdication incident, the little fox had become very fearful. Her heart trembled at the very sight of Ning Shu, especially since Huo Qing often said that it was the empress that snatched his throne away. She was now quite scared of this malicious empress.

But what did it matter if she was amazing? What happiness did a woman whose husband didn’t even love her have to speak of?

“Your Xiao family has set in place a puppet emperor. Are you planning to seize the throne after a while longer?” Huo Qing looked at Ning Shu coldly. Her lips were extremely red, giving her a very austere air. He couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated in her imposing presence.

Ning Shu lifted her brows. “My Xiao family has already handed over the military power. Chengwang isn’t a puppet emperor.”

“Your Xiao family handed over the military power?” Huo Qing was astonished. Ning Shu smiled. It was like the sight of a slowly unfurling rose, beautiful and sharp. “You’ve schemed so hard to obtain the Xiao family’s military power, but now your son obtained it without even needing to lift a finger.”

Huo Qing pressed his lips together. “It’s fine as long as the country is still in the hands of the Huo family.”

“You’re not the emperor anymore, so there’s no need for you to worry about the nation’s matters.” Ning Shu smiled. “I wish you guys happiness.”

Ning Shu turned and left. She could tell that Huo Qing’s days hadn’t been happy. There was a lingering despondence hovering around him. Men lost over half of their radiance after their power was taken away.

She felt much better knowing that they weren’t doing well.

When they got back to the palace, Emerita Noble Consort Xuan had a very gloomy expression. Ning Shu knew that Emerita Noble Consort Xuan was unwilling to accept this, but she didn’t want to get involved. She wouldn’t stop anything that Emerita Noble Consort Xuan wanted to do either.

Not long later, there came news that the little fox had a miscarriage. The little fox had a playful personality from the start, so one time she wasn’t careful and fell down the stairs. She immediately started bleeding. Huo Qing almost went crazy, but despite the imperial physicians’ efforts, the little fox still ended up having a miscarriage.

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